Titanic Set - Rosarito Beach, Mexico

The only reason that we made the trip to Rosarito Beach was to visit the film set theme park called Foxploration. It has been know that most of the movies were shot in Baja Mexico for its proximity from California. It only take at least 30 minutes to drive to the location from the border.

Based on the website, the location still houses the original Titanic set. Now, if only I can meet Leo DiCaprio or Billy Zane then I am crossing the border even on foot.

The tour gives you an insight on how the movie was shot. Most of the remaining set were indoors. You will not see the outside ledge where Jack shouted the famous line, "I am king of the world" but at least you would see the room where Jack was handcuffed and Rose's bedroom. An added bonus was the red car, complete with the hand print on the glass. If you saw the movie, you will remember.

See the handprint?

Here are some of the photos taken during the tour:

Wire room.
Jack's Bunker. The one he won on a card game.

Rose' bedroom.

As I walk through the rooms, I have the music playing in my ear as the start of the movie when the camera spans over to the length of the boat. This is one of my favorite movie. This is probably the last movie that had me sniffling from outside the theater. You should see how determined I am to get here.

The tour guide gave us a bits and pieces of trivia. He mentioned that most of the detailing on those rooms were fake. Its either painted or has stickers to look elegant and expensive. Also, the scene when all of the area were flooded, it was lukewarm water they used during filming.

So far, this was the most popular tour in the park. You have to sign up for the guided tour. Its first come, first served depending on the number of your party. Pictures are allowed and were advised to stay behind the velvet rope.

This park is easily accessible from San Diego. Take the trolley down to the San Ysidro stop. You can easily catch the Mexicoach bus to Rosarito Beach, Baja California and go here as a day trip whenever you are in the area.


Anna said...

The baby beats Kate Winslet's pose in 'Titanic'. She's very cute!

Anonymous said...

The doors looking into the 1st Class Smoking Room were actually supposed to be the ones going into the Dining Saloon, or the entrance.