MIT Museum and around Cambridge

There were so many museums to visit in Boston but we only can visit one for this trip. I don't want to cram all activities with kids in tow on a hot summer season. It is a recipe for meltdowns. I like to take my time looking at exhibits and read some facts or details on display.

We chose the MIT Museum in Cambridge. It would be a good reason to walk around the area beyond Boston. Another reason was to open up possibilities of learning science and technology for our kids.

The current exhibition was titled Robots and Beyond: Exploring Artificial Intelligence. The exhibit showed the ideas that shaped the current technology from the time MIT opened it's Artificial Intelligence lab in 1959.

It was a joy looking at the little one pointing at the bubble machine. It was probably the largest bubble machine he saw so far.

Amazingly, I could just stare at this movement for a certain period of time. It's hypnotic. Do you agree?

This robot is something you see that moves seamlessly at the movies. Looking up close, it looked like a lot of work (or moving parts).

All this walking made us hungry and crave for something sweet and cold. There was an ice cream place walking distance from the museum.

We heard about Toscanini and made our way to try it. I had a combination of Grapenut and Earl Grey. It was really good.

Afterwards, we went to buy some grocery and maybe grab a quick lunch. We took the bus to the nearest H-Mart and found a nice food court inside.

We found this nice alley way next door. The sun made the colors intense, it made it blend.

There was a shared space between this bao place and an Indian takeout. We tried both to get a sample of each specialty. It was delicious.

We end our day short. The sun was intense and so are the kids. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to walk through the campus. I guess we would put that thought on another visit.

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