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Boston Public Library

We have been looking for a place that would appeal to adults and the kids. The weather forecast was hot and humid so we would prefer to be indoors. Since we are staying in the Back Bay area, we need something close. The Prudential Mall is out of the question. The Boston Public Library in Copley Square checks all that requirement.

Built in 1895, the library design is based on the Renaissance style similar to Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. It includes a large reading room and an open air central courtyard. It was the first urban library building in the nation.

MIT Museum and around Cambridge

There were so many museums to visit in Boston but we only can visit one for this trip. I don't want to cram all activities with kids in tow on a hot summer season. It is a recipe for meltdowns. I like to take my time looking at exhibits and read some facts or details on display.

We chose the MIT Museum in Cambridge. It would be a good reason to walk around the area beyond Boston. Another reason was to open up possibilities of learning science and technology for our kids.

Eataly Boston

We are big fans of Eataly New York. And since the mall is close to our hotel, we decided to stop by and maybe look around and get some gelato.

First impressions, it is a much smaller location than New York City since it is located inside the mall. It seems that it had a higher price point too based on the size ratio of the pastries.

Enjoying Beantown

It has been a while since I wandered off by myself. I usually travel with hubby and baby and it felt a little different packing my backpack and catch the train to Boston.

It has been a year since I saw 2 of my closest friends. Sometimes I wish they only live close by but we try see each other as much as we can. Last year, we all met at Minneapolis but this time we chose a place that we won't need to drive to get around and somewhere that has a lot of food options. Boston seem to fit the profile we were looking for.

Below sums up how we spent our time at Beantown:


Boston has a sizable Chinatown. There were a lot of dimsum options.

Boston - Race Cars

From my last Beantown trip, I happened to notice some sort of an event going on in front of Faneuil Hall. There were a couple of colorful racing cars parked along some huge lighting fixtures on the side. I thought there were some movie shoot going on but it was a marketing campaign for Roush Fenway Racing.