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Baseball in Seoul

I didn't even know what to expect on a South Korean baseball game. It turns out that the experience isn't any different from ANY game but it is geared to entertainment and much more.

We head our way to buy tickets. It was on a Friday afternoon and an hour before the game starts. The ticket window is right in front of the subway entrance, it was hard to miss as people line up for tickets. There were a handful of vendors selling foods such as chicken, beer and snacks. Apparently, you are allowed to bring your own food inside the stadium.

Boston - Race Cars

From my last Beantown trip, I happened to notice some sort of an event going on in front of Faneuil Hall. There were a couple of colorful racing cars parked along some huge lighting fixtures on the side. I thought there were some movie shoot going on but it was a marketing campaign for Roush Fenway Racing.

New Jersey Nets - Rutherford, NJ

Its been a while since I saw the Nets played live from the IZOD Center. The disastrous loss from last season and J Kidd's transfer to the Dallas Mavericks, its never going to be the same again.

What enticed me this time was the fact that Allen Iverson got traded to Detroit Pistons and this game was his first debut. Historic? Nah. There was a 2 for 1 sale for the game tickets. And I had great seats!

My mind has started to wonder on the first quarter while the Pistons are creaming the Nets by scoring by 16 points over.