Baseball in Seoul

I didn't even know what to expect on a South Korean baseball game. It turns out that the experience isn't any different from ANY game but it is geared to entertainment and much more.

We head our way to buy tickets. It was on a Friday afternoon and an hour before the game starts. The ticket window is right in front of the subway entrance, it was hard to miss as people line up for tickets. There were a handful of vendors selling foods such as chicken, beer and snacks. Apparently, you are allowed to bring your own food inside the stadium.

It was an easy transaction on the ticket window as I gestured for 2 tickets. The young girl asked where do I want to sit while pointing out on the seat charts. I told her I want to seat in full view of the cheerleading stage. The tickets costs about W15,000 ($13) each, not bad for great seats.

I was looking around to check on the foods the people around me were eating. Most of them bought food from vendor downstairs, some bought their own food as I see some large bento boxes. We bought a box of spicy chicken and beers from the subway vendors and gave us most of the eating tools such as chop sticks, napkin and plastic gloves (very convenient in eating fried chicken!). You are allowed to bring drinks but you have to pour it on a plastic cup that they provide.

Korean baseball teams were sponsored by large conglomerates such as Samsung, LG etc. It is more of an advertising outlet for them and if the team wins, it will make news. This solves the problem on overpriced stadium food, you can bring your own or buy outside.

While the teams are starting their warms up, the cheerleaders were providing entertainment so there is no idle time. All this while we start eating our chicken and drinking our beers.

As the game continues, the weather gets a bit chilly and the cheerleaders were now covered up, Nexxen has the lead. Our side seem to sing and cheer merrily. Probably the beer buzz in full effect.

We didn't finish the game. Our flight landed in Seoul at 4 am that day, it is 8pm now and jetlag has struck. We need to sleep.

So far, it was one of our best experiences ever. And if I happen to live in Seoul, I might make this a routine and I will bring the kids. They would enjoyed it too.

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