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Boston Public Library

We have been looking for a place that would appeal to adults and the kids. The weather forecast was hot and humid so we would prefer to be indoors. Since we are staying in the Back Bay area, we need something close. The Prudential Mall is out of the question. The Boston Public Library in Copley Square checks all that requirement.

Built in 1895, the library design is based on the Renaissance style similar to Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. It includes a large reading room and an open air central courtyard. It was the first urban library building in the nation.

Playtime NYC 2012

We made a point to stop by one of the major trade shows in New York City called Playtime New York. They are small in terms of size compared to ENK Children's club yet they reach an international market. The current collections displayed are for the Fall/Winter season 2012/2013.

Korea series: Kids Fair 2011

We were supposed to walk around the Coex mall when we stumbled an ongoing Kids Fair for educational items. The inquiry took about a half hour run around since everyone we asked kept us pointing to another person. It turned out that we had to fill up a form for our information and since we were in the children's apparel business, they eventually waived our entrance fee.

This Playground

Every playground we went to is always the same lame structure. It is so happened that we stumbled upon this play area in the heart of North Myrtle Beach suburbia. Good thing we were looking for the post office but we passed by this adorable playground. It is well so thought off that I haven't seen anything similar as of yet.