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New York Times Travel Show 2017

The New York Times travel show is the gold standard in the travel industry. You would be able to come across all travel related companies here from tour companies, cruise lines and countries that promotes tourism would have a booth here. The main floor had all the travel pavilion which were grouped by Continents then the tour companies and cruise lines. Downstairs were the seminar rooms, book store and book signing booths.

Playtime NYC 2012

We made a point to stop by one of the major trade shows in New York City called Playtime New York. They are small in terms of size compared to ENK Children's club yet they reach an international market. The current collections displayed are for the Fall/Winter season 2012/2013.

Korea series: Korea Food Expo 2011

Whenever you have precious finds, there should be a let down. We saw a billboard outside the Coex mall advertising the Food Expo. We had so much fun at the Kids Fair so we thought why not check it out. It turned out that it is only for trade only. Let me share some ho hum events: