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New York Times Travel Show 2017

The New York Times travel show is the gold standard in the travel industry. You would be able to come across all travel related companies here from tour companies, cruise lines and countries that promotes tourism would have a booth here. The main floor had all the travel pavilion which were grouped by Continents then the tour companies and cruise lines. Downstairs were the seminar rooms, book store and book signing booths.

Fleet Week - USS Cole

Fleet week is a time honored tradition where New York City and its surrounding areas would have the opportunity to meet the men and women of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guards. You would see them walk around Times Square in uniform. It is a sight that never fails to put a smile on my face. It is also an indication that Memorial Day is coming soon and it is the unofficial start of summer (or at least you know it is coming soon).

This year we decided to go to Staten Island and line up to see the participating ships this year. We head up to downtown New York to catch the ferry to Staten Island. The ferry trip often gets skipped by the tourists to New York City. It is free and one of the best way to see the Downtown New York from the water and the Statue of Liberty, even from afar.

Ko'Olina Wedding - Oahu, Hawaii

When my sister got engage she mentioned that her dream wedding would be in Hawaii. She needed suggestions. I told her that the perfect location should be in Ko'Olina. It is a quiet place without much tourists since it is not easy to get there by public transportation. You need a car to get there comfortably not to mention that it had limited parking space. Most likely that you would get turned back once the public parking is full.

They were able to book the wedding on the K'Olina Chapel and have the reception at Roy's Restaurant.

Korea series: Korea Food Expo 2011

Whenever you have precious finds, there should be a let down. We saw a billboard outside the Coex mall advertising the Food Expo. We had so much fun at the Kids Fair so we thought why not check it out. It turned out that it is only for trade only. Let me share some ho hum events:

Project Heal Manila

I was invited last weekend for a fundraiser called "Evening in Manila: Winter Edition", it was for the benefit of eKindling. They provide technology education with programs such as One Laptop per Child to communities in the Philippines.

Happy Halloween!

Since Halloween was set on a weekend, celebration seem to be longer than expected. The weather seem to cooperate too that it was a mild day enough to walk around the neighborhood.

This year Madison donned an Alice in Wonderland costume. My sister chose this outfit complete with headband and bag. The little one only wore this outfit about an hour till she started scratching and starting to take it off. The dress material is so frail that one of the lace got ripped off.

Note to self, next year find a costume that is cotton and something wearable on a chilly day.

Happy Birthday Mom

I can never find a woman stronger than her. One day I want to be like her.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Madison with Lola.

Cranberry Harvesting - Bayville, NJ

Do you know that New Jersey is one of the largest harverster of cranberries? The largest one is Wisconsin followed by Massachusetts.

When I heard there is a cranberry harvest in one of the state parks in South Jersey, I thought I should check it out. I don't know anything about cranberries besides seeing this on juice drinks and Thanksgiving dinners.

The harvest wasn't much of a festival, it is more of watching the farmers at work.

Farmers on wet harvesting the cranberries.

Giant Tuna Cutting Ceremony 2009 - Fort Lee, NJ

We heard of the Giant Tuna Cutting Ceremony in Mitsuwa that is held every November. I never pay attention to this till I saw the the "giant" tuna meant a whopping 600 pounds of fish, 400 pounds without the tail and the head.

The ceremony started with an introduction that the bluefin tuna was caught over the coast of Malta about 3 days ago. It was also explained that it has the same kind of quality that the top end sushi restaurants serve.