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Our DMZ Tour

The DMZ tour was something that I skipped the last time when I was in South Korea. I know it would be on my list on my next visit.

We were picked up at the hotel lobby and the car dropped us off on the meeting place where the bus (a brand new one!) was waiting for the rest of the tour group.

Once were off the road, the tour guide gave us an insight and history of Korean history and the creation of DMZ (De Militarized Zone). She had us fill out our name and information on the list to get permission to enter the zone. You also need to bring your passport.

Fleet Week - USS Cole

Fleet week is a time honored tradition where New York City and its surrounding areas would have the opportunity to meet the men and women of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guards. You would see them walk around Times Square in uniform. It is a sight that never fails to put a smile on my face. It is also an indication that Memorial Day is coming soon and it is the unofficial start of summer (or at least you know it is coming soon).

This year we decided to go to Staten Island and line up to see the participating ships this year. We head up to downtown New York to catch the ferry to Staten Island. The ferry trip often gets skipped by the tourists to New York City. It is free and one of the best way to see the Downtown New York from the water and the Statue of Liberty, even from afar.

I want a Dominic Rubio painting

When I saw a photo of one of his painting being auctioned for a good cause, I was in awe. My fascination with the Philippine colonial times has been with me ever since I started reading history books. It was one of the not so great era but I am more interested in the way of life during those times.

Eating at Tribeca - New York, NY

Sorry for the late post but never say never.

Every year, the collective restaurants in Tribeca set up a food tasting fundraiser for the benefit of the local schools in the area. The unique aspect of this street fair was the opportunity to taste some items that those high end restaurant have on their menu or you would have a professional chef cooking at the booths.

It is not something you typically get on a weekend street fair. 

Too excited to watch chefs in their element.

A Day at the Zoo - West Orange, New Jersey

It's amazing that I have been living at this area and I just heard that there is a zoo nearby. I was looking forward to bring Madison at the zoo since she is showing interest at animals she sees on books and television. I want to see her reaction if she sees a live animal that she recognize at an arms length (with the cage in between, of course!).

Romanian Fest - New York, NY

As I indicated my disappointment from the Romanian Festival on finding anything Romanian, I took some random photos of items seen at the street fair.

Some veggie fare. Spinich, anyone?


After seeing this segment in Oprah, I got a bit teary eyed watching this trailer. It is a documentary called Babies where the filmmakers went to film 4 babies from different parts of the globe and watch them grow and interact on their environment.

No dialogue and subtitles needed. I can't wait till this comes out on video.

Directed By: Thomas Balmès

Year: 2010
MPAA Rating:
PGGenre: Documentary

Plot Summary: Using subjects in Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo and San Francisco, filmmaker Thomas Balmès explores the lives of four infants and their families.

Old Tennent Church - Marlboro, NJ

Every Spring, our local county promotes a weekend to all the historical sites in the area. Volunteers gives a tour and tell about the local history and details about the site.

There was this local church that I pass by on my way to the public library. It is surrounded by a cemetery that gives the whole area a park like setting. I always wanted to visit the old church but it doesn't look like it is open to the public. I grabbed on the opportunity to stop by when I heard it is open for tours.

Old Tennent Church

Allaire Historic Village - Wall, NJ

We checked out a nearby village park when we heard there is a spring market in the afternoon. I was surprised that this park was an old village preserved property that was donated to the State of New Jersey. The volunteers were dressed in costumes and had put up an auction to sell some old wares. Some where local vendors trying to market their services as a donation to the park.

It's amazing that everyone dresses the part.

A Day in the Farm

After going through a series of monsoon-like weather for the past weeks, the sun has finally peeked through. It is time to shed those winter clothes and enjoy the outdoors.

Since the mall is closed for the Easter holiday, we decided to spend time at a nearby farm in the Princeton area. They had weekly activities for kids but this particular weekened, they have the Bunny Chase event. At the entrace, they give you a map to find the bunny trail. At the end, they give away cookies and have some toddler activites.

Here is a typical day in the farm:

Feeding the sheep.

Winter Cleaning

It's the New Year, I had the urge to do some cleaning around the house. One of my resolutions was to organize my work station which is filled with junk, loose papers, stale dated magazines and books (both read and unread). We had a small basement downstairs which I have a wall unit for my books and other stuff. I noticed that I am running out of space. My precious bookshelf needs a little weeding. Now I am faced with the question of what books should I discard to make room for new ones. It has been years since I am in denial, it feels like a Sophie's choice (sort of) but reality hits and it needs to be done.

This is what I decided to do:

(1)  Get rid of dated books

Happy Birthday Mom

I can never find a woman stronger than her. One day I want to be like her.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Madison with Lola.

Twin Cities - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

This has been my last "get-away" trip of the year. It was a last minute decision but I thought I haven't seen my lifelong friends together in years. We try to catch up on the phone but nothing beats the face to face interaction. We all know each other in college which seem like a lifetime ago. Each have a different personality, odd quirks and a view of life but somehow we enjoy each others company.

The last time I saw them together was at my wedding in Las Vegas. We try to be there on every important event on our lives but we get caught up with the occassion to be able leisurely chat our way hours through the day. We can talk for hours through the night. There is a lot to catch up with since a lot happened through college to the present. In every chapter of life, priorities change. Things that were important then are inconsequential now. As we go through old memories, we go through the present and the future.

Girls will be girls.