I want a Dominic Rubio painting

When I saw a photo of one of his painting being auctioned for a good cause, I was in awe. My fascination with the Philippine colonial times has been with me ever since I started reading history books. It was one of the not so great era but I am more interested in the way of life during those times.

These paintings appealed to my aesthetic, it has vivid colors, clean lines with a hint of history, surrealism and reed thin necks. Either painting would easily fit in my living room wall. I am sure I can always find a great spot for these two.

photo source: galeriejoaquin.com


docgelo said...

i love the second painting! thanks for sharing!!! i think i'll have it printed and framed it soon and will be part of our appartment soon!

Bluegreen Kirk said...

Love the photos! How much are those paintings going for on auctions?