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Random Photo: In the Berkshires

Seen on the grounds of the Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts. Worst time to see them during summer at dawn when the mosquitos start to buzz over your head.

Bonjour Paris: Day 5

After waking up refreshed and ready for a good bout of sightseeing. Our goal today is to visit as much of the iconic places and probably do some shopping.

First stop was the Eiffel Tower. It is my second time to visit the Eiffel Tower and it felt like I am seeing this place with fresh perspective. The first time was a night visit when we were on a Contiki tour. The bus dropped us close to the entrance. I didn't even recall how the area look like since it is dark and we were following the tour guide.

The tower had lights that dazzles in the dark night. I remember looking up the whole time on our way to the elevator. We didn't notice the lines to go up and was probably on a fast track since we are part of the tour group. Once were done, we head back straight to the bus.

I want a Dominic Rubio painting

When I saw a photo of one of his painting being auctioned for a good cause, I was in awe. My fascination with the Philippine colonial times has been with me ever since I started reading history books. It was one of the not so great era but I am more interested in the way of life during those times.

The Morris Museum

One of the largest museum in New Jersey, the Georgian inspired mansion houses an eclectic collection from North American artifacts to assortment of art and musical instruments. It has a children's activity area where you can learn and watch about trains and musical instruments. It also has an add on performing arts theatre next door.

The Grounds for Sculpture

The Grounds for Sculpture used to be the New Jersey State Fairgrounds that was transformed by its patron J. Seward Johnson (of the Johnson & Johnson family) into a 35-acre park filled with sculptures from contemporary artists.

It has been a while since I heard of this park in Hamilton, New Jersey. The park also hosts an upscale gourmet restaurant that has an odd name: Rat's. I find that odd too but I heard it has a story behind it.

The weather had mellow down a bit so we decided to stop by a couple of hours. We weren't able to see the entire park, you need to devote at least a full day for the grounds to walk around. It didn't help either that Madison suddenly decided to throw a tantrum. She is more interested in the ducks on the pond.