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Incheon International Airport (ICN)

We have landed on Incheon International Airport in South Korea. It is 4 am and everything else is close including the subway to Seoul. The buses and subway doesn't start till 5 am so we decided to stretch our legs and walk around the airport before we drop our bags to the hotel. And as expected, we were greeted with all this cuteness.

Random Photo: In the Berkshires

Seen on the grounds of the Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts. Worst time to see them during summer at dawn when the mosquitos start to buzz over your head.

Random Photo: Flat Iron District NYC

Summers in New York City can be unbearable. But this didn't deter people from eating outdoors. The Marimekko umbrellas also adds to the charm.

Random Photos: Deep fried Pickles

Nothing can be more addicting than fried pickles. We bought one to try and bought some more. Madison is crazy on eating anything pickled.

Random Photo: Byodo-In Temple

Every time we were in Oahu, we make sure to stop by the Byodo-In temple. We walked around, rang the bell and fed the fish on the koi pond. Next time, I have to note that we need to bring an insect repellant. The mosquitos here are borderline aggressive.

Random Photo: Birthday Cupcakes

It so happens that our little girl is having her birthday in Honolulu. I looked up a couple of cake places but decided on getting a simple Hello Kitty cupcakes. It was a great idea and we ended eating all these yummy cupcakes in the next couple of days.

Random Photo: Malasadas

Crossing off another item on our Oahu wish list. We finally tried the Malasadas (Portuguese doughnut) at Leonardo's Bakery. We ordered all available flavors. My favorite is the one with the custard filing. The flavors change every season. Perfect with hot coffee.

Random Photos: Aloha Friday

The photos were taken on a Friday afternoon at San Souci Beach near Waikiki. I asked the lifeguard if there was some kind of event happening in the park. I was told that this was a school activity of which they teach the 2nd and 3rd graders how to swim. I love Hawaii!!

Random Photo: Hawaii Five-Oh

We had a celebrity sighting by the Aloha Stadium. We were excited to see the Shrimp Truck guy from the show Hawaii Five-O. Cool! He was selling his own brand of t-shirts and offered to sign them. There were a line of tourists getting them as souvenirs.

Dreaming of Seoul

Omo, omo...I might have an opportunity to visit South Korea for the first time.
I am ecstatic that I can't even breathe while thinking of it. 

Snow Days

We are homebound again for the nth time due to excessive snow. We have a small driveway but when you have multiple feet of snow, it would be impossible to take the car out of the driveway. We have no choice but to shovel snow. Hubby usually clears the driveway but lately he had been stuck at work and unable to drive back home. The thing about snow is that it is easy to clear it up when it is light and fresh but if that snow stays on the ground for long it becomes slush, heavy and turns to ice. So here I am braving the elements and started shovelling myself. On times when Madison is home, she helps out by using her beach shovel. At this point we need all the help we could get.

My old apartment

The aptly titled article in called "The price 20-somethings Pay to Live in the City" sums about how I felt then when I was a younger yuppy working in New York City. Although, I never lived in NYC but it did hit a nerve on my apartment choices back then.

My first apartment was a 10th floor studio in an undesirable town in New Jersey. It was that bad that I won't even trust to park my car on the sidewalk and expect it to be there the next day. One of the amenities that I felt good about it was security. It was a gated community with manicured lawns with ample parking and has a decent gym, a mini supermarket and a laundrymat. It was half hour away from NYC either by bus or train. Perfect. At least till a new neighbor moved in next door. Suddenly, the undesirables started to show up and I didn't mean people. Let's leave it there. Once my lease expired, I am out the door.

The second apartment was a spacious basement, it is a one bedroom windowless apartment in Jersey City. It had a great location. But living in a city meant no available parking spot. More often I had accumulated a sizable amount of parking ticket fees to refurbish the sidewalk on my street. I digress. At one point, somebody tried to pry on my car's ignition key. The screw driver broke which led the guy to abandon the idea to looting my car. It cost me about $100 to get it fixed. It didn't helped that it rained significantly the next day that the apartment was flooded. I knew I need to move back to the suburbs.

Then, I found myself a one bedroom apartment that was a walking distance from the bus stop going to NYC. It was a great commute for me and my husband (boyfriend at the time). We lived about 3-4 years there till we got a townhouse further south.

Ring Mishap

It has been a while since I wore my engagement ring. The last time I probably wore it was from another wedding event when I was 5 months pregnant. I was so bloated once that I decided to take it off and never put it back since till we got invited again to a wedding event last weekend.

501st Entry

It was probably 2006 when I first started reading blogs. It happened to be the time when I am way too obsessed (still!) about Korean dramas then moved on to reading travel experiences to food blogging. It was also the time that I have been travelling internationally and photos alone is not sufficient to share my travel experiences. I felt a need to write down certain finds and events. It was also a time that I am pregnant with my first child. It was an exciting time, it helped too that I have a lot of time in my hands. Blogging became a hobby and obsession. Maybe I only have a handful of folks reading my entries but I like to share my thoughts and experiences like the same blogs that I read everyday. I find it weird that it is one of my holier than thou routines when I wake up in the morning with coffee/tea in hand and reading blog entries right after New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

I want to share the top 5 most read entries since the inception of this blog.
This was an entry from a last minute trip to Mexico. When I heard that the movie set of most major films was open to the public (with a small entrance fee), I felt it would be worth our while to visit at least overnight. It turned to be one of the best exploration we have encountered. If you are in the San Diego, California area, skip Tijuana and head straight to Rosarito Beach and visit FoxPloration Theme Park.

Mad Men - TV Recap

Alright, from my last recap I thought the next one would be the season ender of Mad Men. Last night's episode was begging for one.

Thoughts from Mad Men Season 4, Episode 7: The Suitcase.

We suddenly see a rare glimpse of Don opening up to Peggy as Dick Whitman but not his alter ego. He even mentions like quips giving information something like growing up in a farm, about seeing his father die with a horse or not knowing his own mother growing up. This information is not something he will mention to Roger nor Roger would be interested in knowing.

With all the drinking going on day and night, those guys won't even live close to Bert Cooper's age. And who would have the last laugh, at least with a kidney.

Happy Fourth of July!

And remember to keep yourself hydrated!

Photo taken at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

A good impression - Princeton, NJ

From all those time that I lived in Central Jersey I haven't ventured out to Princeton University. I always heard of the ivy league school and was awed with its reputation. It hadn't dawned on me that walking inside the campus gives you the effect of transforming you on a different world. The more I walk around the campus, the more I want to know the university grounds and its history. Now that summer has just started, it might be a good idea to start.

Easter Sunday Best

Madison was in a good mood last Easter Sunday. She let me chase her with my camera. These candid shots are good enough to frame up.

Not to be biased, I think she is just cute.

Book Review No 6: Noble House

Title:         Noble House
Author:     James Clavell
Genre:      Action, Adventure


It was more than a century later after the foundations were originally set by the first Tai-pan of what has become the present day HongKong. The Noble House is the biggest business establishment in the British colony in Asia which is led by Ian Dunross. Now that the century old establishment is in distress, his arch-rival has been trying to bid for to takeover the Noble House with the help of an American conglomerate that set their eyes on establishing a foothold on Asia through Hong Kong.

Love means...Erich Segal

A farewell to one of my beloved writer Erich Segal who passed away with a heart attack and has long been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was 72.

One of this popular work is the sappy movie Love Story where the line: "Love means not ever to say you're sorry" has been the byline of sentimentalists. It has been 30 or so years and this line still comes up in current pop culture.