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Memorial Day Weekend in New York

We decided to stay in New York City for the weekend. One of our favorite places in NYC was the park, particularly Bryant Park. We love that it is centrally located and well maintained. There is always something to do in Bryant Park like Juggling Lessons. The kids love that they leave the equipment on the lawn for everyone to use.

Fleet Week - USS Lassen

Fleet week is one of my favorite traditions during Memorial Day weekend. It is a weeklong event that starts with a line of visiting military ships that cruise over the Hudson River. You are allowed to visit these ships through a guided tour.

This year, we decided to head over to Staten Island, New York to visit the guided missile destroyer, USS Lassen. It was first commissioned in 1991 and was among the largest and heavily armed destroyers ever built.

Urbanspace Vanderbilt NYC

New York Times Travel Show 2017

The New York Times travel show is the gold standard in the travel industry. You would be able to come across all travel related companies here from tour companies, cruise lines and countries that promotes tourism would have a booth here. The main floor had all the travel pavilion which were grouped by Continents then the tour companies and cruise lines. Downstairs were the seminar rooms, book store and book signing booths.

Random Photo: Flat Iron District NYC

Summers in New York City can be unbearable. But this didn't deter people from eating outdoors. The Marimekko umbrellas also adds to the charm.

Eataly - New York City

This is one of my favorite stops whenever I am in town. To me, its one stop shop. I can (window) shop. Get coffee, ice cream, bread or pastry. Eat snack, lunch or dinner. Or all of the above. It is always crowded here both with tourists and locals. I like to come in earlier when the workers are in the process of setting up shop for the day.

First stop is coffee. By just looking at the giant silver espresso machine, you could tell that they are serious about coffee.

Random Photos: Deep fried Pickles

Nothing can be more addicting than fried pickles. We bought one to try and bought some more. Madison is crazy on eating anything pickled.

Fleet Week - USS Cole

Fleet week is a time honored tradition where New York City and its surrounding areas would have the opportunity to meet the men and women of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guards. You would see them walk around Times Square in uniform. It is a sight that never fails to put a smile on my face. It is also an indication that Memorial Day is coming soon and it is the unofficial start of summer (or at least you know it is coming soon).

This year we decided to go to Staten Island and line up to see the participating ships this year. We head up to downtown New York to catch the ferry to Staten Island. The ferry trip often gets skipped by the tourists to New York City. It is free and one of the best way to see the Downtown New York from the water and the Statue of Liberty, even from afar.

Taste of Tribeca 2012

Every year nearby restaurants in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC offer a select sample from their menu. It is an organized fundraiser to benefit art and technology enrichment for the local community.

To be able to participate on the sample tasting, you have to buy a $50 card that would allow you to try 6 items on the menu. It's pricey but when you consider the quality and presentation on each booth, I would say this is the high end version of a street fair food festival. And its for a good cause.

A lot of good looking people in Tribeca.

Promoting Tourism series 1

A collection of booths and ads seen at streetfairs in NYC last Fall.

Cool Japan Festival

Seen at the Cool Japan Festival 2010:

Green potstickers
They really look appetizing but some of us know that Ajinomoto is synonymous to _ _ _. I have nothing against it. In fact, my grandmother used in on every dish and she is one of the best cooks I know. I just had a change of lifestyle growing up.

Trinity Church - New York, NY

If you are in downtown NYC, it would be impossible to miss the Trinity Church at Rector Street. It stands in front of the Wall Street area as it overlooks the New York Stock Exchange building.

NYC: Bastille Day 2009

There was an episode of the Real World London in MTV where the housemates were required to help out wire the fireworks in Paris to commemorate Bastille Day. I remember that the fireworks show had been spectacular. I vowed that one day I will celebrate Bastille Day in Paris. When? Not anytime soon, I only go in Europe during the winter season since it is the cheapest time to fly there.

Bastille is the fortress where the uprising happened that abolished the French monarchy. It is the French version of an independence day.

To celebrate with the French expats in America, NYC has closed 60th Street between 5th and Lexington Avenues.

As a typical street fair, it is a foodie event. The only difference from the other events was the availability of table and chairs to enjoy your food. Most of the foods available were sandwiches, a lot of baguettes, the mandatory crepes and sweets. One that had impressed me is Payard, it had the best looking and tasting pastries. I might stop by there one of these days.

Before and After

From last year Museum Mile Festival, it would be hard not to notice that the Guggenheim Museum is under wraps, its full beehive glory is covered for renovations.

The Guggenheim Museum after much extended renovations, looking like brand new.

Philippine Parade 2009 - New York City

This is my first time attending the Philippine parade in NYC, the parade started in Madison Avenue between 42nd street and 23rd streets. It is the grandest parade compared to the ones in NJ and CT, it usually draws the biggest crowd from the tri-state area. It also boasts high profile visitors such as the Philippine Vice President, Noli De Castro and celebrities like Jay-R and dreamboat Dingdong Dantes.

9th Avenue Food Fest 2009 - New York, NY

This is our first time on the 9th Avenue food fest. There are so many food options for cheap and the experience can be overwhelming. The only downside was that you are forced to eat your food standing up. There were times that I just want to get away from the heat and the sun, take my time to eat my food but it can get frustrating when its time to chew on a big chunk of meat standing up.

Turkish Festival 2009 - New York, NY

There are still some cultures that are not a familiar territory to me and Turkey was one of them. I know that from history, this country has been mentioned extensively along with other Middle Eastern countries as one of the cradles of civilization but I don't know anything about the country, the people and its culture. This is a good eye opener to me.

Food Fair 2009 - Downtown New York, NY

My office has moved to downtown. I am little annoyed of not having decent food options in the area. If there were, the price range is not even worth it.

Let me focus on the upside, if there was any....World Financial Center in downtown had a food fair. Restaurants in the area are selling samplers of their lunch specials. Nothing great but its good to know what is available in the area. Until now, I haven't ventured out that far.

One of the better options here, I got the yaki's and ginger salad. Yum!

Museum Mile 2008 Part 1 - New York City

This is a yearly event in Manhattan where 5th Avenue was blocked off starting from 82nd street to 105th street. All the museum along that strip were open to the public for free from 6-9 pm.

Last year, I made the mistake of wasting my time in line to get in the Guggenheim. This time, I decided to walk around and watch all that is happening on the street. I was able to breeze through the MET but disappointed that only certain parts of the museum were open to the public. I wasn't able to take photos of the medieval area but was able to get photos of the special exhibition. That would be on a different posting.

82nd Street

Taste of Tribeca - May 2008

This is the first time I heard about this culinary festival in downtown NYC. Almost of the major restaurant in area had a booth that you will be able to taste one of the items on their menu. When I saw that Chanterelle was participating, I know I have to check this event. It would be a good reason to walk around and check how this location had changed dramatically.

I used to work in Tribeca about 8 years ago. I remember the place being separated from anything else. It was fraustrating at times that most all the reasonable lunch options were located in World Trade Center which is a hike itself. It was close to impossible to have lunch delivered especially in the coldest days of winter. The building where I used to work in provides a shuttle that goes back and forth from World Trade to the building.