New York Times Travel Show 2017

The New York Times travel show is the gold standard in the travel industry. You would be able to come across all travel related companies here from tour companies, cruise lines and countries that promotes tourism would have a booth here. The main floor had all the travel pavilion which were grouped by Continents then the tour companies and cruise lines. Downstairs were the seminar rooms, book store and book signing booths.

One of the seminars we attended was the presentation by Patricia Schultz of 1000 places to see before you die. The photo below was a talk on the popularity of traveling to the Falkland Islands. Her photos of the cute penguins got me sold on visiting Antartica.

When? I am not sure but it is on my wish list.

Another travel goal of mine is to go to Russia. Calabria would be there too.

Along the ASIA pavilion is this gentleman making Java coffee. It did smell good. I would have tried it but there is a long line of people want to get some coffee. I just watch him make them.

It was too much to do with so little time. The ticket costs about $20 per day or $25 for 2 days. You need at least 2 days to scan the travel pavilion in detail. There other seminars that I would liked to see but it was scheduled the day before. I shouldn't be complaining since I got our tickets for free. We signed up on a promotion for the first 100 free tickets. It is a long shot but we got it right away.

Overall, it is an interesting take on the travel industry. I might consider going back next year hoping to get another set of free tickets. Thank you NY Times Travel Show!

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