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New York Times Travel Show 2017

The New York Times travel show is the gold standard in the travel industry. You would be able to come across all travel related companies here from tour companies, cruise lines and countries that promotes tourism would have a booth here. The main floor had all the travel pavilion which were grouped by Continents then the tour companies and cruise lines. Downstairs were the seminar rooms, book store and book signing booths.

Korea series: Kids Fair 2011

We were supposed to walk around the Coex mall when we stumbled an ongoing Kids Fair for educational items. The inquiry took about a half hour run around since everyone we asked kept us pointing to another person. It turned out that we had to fill up a form for our information and since we were in the children's apparel business, they eventually waived our entrance fee.

The Shoe ...must go on

Speaking of shoes, I took some interesting items seen at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey on an exhibition called ...The Shoe must go on.

It is a collection of shoes worn from generations.  Also it showed how styles and function change through time. There were also a collection of shoes on loan from famous artists and personalities. I only took photos of some that I found noteworthy.

Shoes for the Lotus feet. I am not sure if you can even walk through those.