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Franciscan Monastery, Washington DC

Tucked in a quiet neighborhood in Washington DC is a Romanesque monastery. Completed in 1899, the Mount St. Sepulchre has 15 chapels and has grounds that were replicas of the Lourdes Grotto and various shrines of the Holy Land.

Ko'Olina Wedding - Oahu, Hawaii

When my sister got engage she mentioned that her dream wedding would be in Hawaii. She needed suggestions. I told her that the perfect location should be in Ko'Olina. It is a quiet place without much tourists since it is not easy to get there by public transportation. You need a car to get there comfortably not to mention that it had limited parking space. Most likely that you would get turned back once the public parking is full.

They were able to book the wedding on the K'Olina Chapel and have the reception at Roy's Restaurant.

Bonjour Paris: Day 6 (Last Day)

It is our last full day in Paris. We decided that this day should be a bit more relaxed and prepare for the long journey back home. It is also our last chance is getting souvenirs.

Our first stop was to pick up some sweets and chocolates.

Bonjour Paris: Day 5

After waking up refreshed and ready for a good bout of sightseeing. Our goal today is to visit as much of the iconic places and probably do some shopping.

First stop was the Eiffel Tower. It is my second time to visit the Eiffel Tower and it felt like I am seeing this place with fresh perspective. The first time was a night visit when we were on a Contiki tour. The bus dropped us close to the entrance. I didn't even recall how the area look like since it is dark and we were following the tour guide.

The tower had lights that dazzles in the dark night. I remember looking up the whole time on our way to the elevator. We didn't notice the lines to go up and was probably on a fast track since we are part of the tour group. Once were done, we head back straight to the bus.

Montserrat Boys Choir (Escolania)

Montserrat has the oldest music school in Europe. You would be able to catch the choir daily at 1 pm. except on Saturdays. They perform twice on Sundays. These are boys that live and study at the monastery.

Unfortunately, we have missed this performance during our visit. I will make sure not to miss this on the next visit.


We decided to make a pilgrimage to the monastery of Montserrat. It has been on my top of my list when I started researching on our Barcelona itinerary. It is accessible by train, about an hour and a half trip from downtown Barcelona. It is historic and picturesque. It was worth the visit.

Montserrat means serrated mountains and had been a pilgrimage site for hundreds of years. On top the mountain is a thousand year old Benedictine monastery. It is also the location of the oldest music school (that dates back to 14th century) in Europe where you can listen to Gregorian chants by the boys choir.

Trinity Church - New York, NY

If you are in downtown NYC, it would be impossible to miss the Trinity Church at Rector Street. It stands in front of the Wall Street area as it overlooks the New York Stock Exchange building.

What is she looking at?

As I am doing some photo housekeeping, I notice this random shot taken at a nearby church. If you look closer in the photo, you would notice that something has caught Madison's attention to have her look up. Does she saw something there? I see something of a white orb and a reflection but shrugged it as trick of the light. I am not sure. I saw the movie "The Sixth Sense" which I know is fiction but in the back of my head I still believe in the supernatural and afterlife, ek ek.

You judge. Let me know what you think.

Old Tennent Church - Marlboro, NJ

Every Spring, our local county promotes a weekend to all the historical sites in the area. Volunteers gives a tour and tell about the local history and details about the site.

There was this local church that I pass by on my way to the public library. It is surrounded by a cemetery that gives the whole area a park like setting. I always wanted to visit the old church but it doesn't look like it is open to the public. I grabbed on the opportunity to stop by when I heard it is open for tours.

Old Tennent Church

Twin Cities - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

This has been my last "get-away" trip of the year. It was a last minute decision but I thought I haven't seen my lifelong friends together in years. We try to catch up on the phone but nothing beats the face to face interaction. We all know each other in college which seem like a lifetime ago. Each have a different personality, odd quirks and a view of life but somehow we enjoy each others company.

The last time I saw them together was at my wedding in Las Vegas. We try to be there on every important event on our lives but we get caught up with the occassion to be able leisurely chat our way hours through the day. We can talk for hours through the night. There is a lot to catch up with since a lot happened through college to the present. In every chapter of life, priorities change. Things that were important then are inconsequential now. As we go through old memories, we go through the present and the future.

Girls will be girls.

Random Photo: Cathedral Windows 2008

Photo taken at St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC. Jun 2008.

Random Photo: St. Patrick's Cathedral 2008

Photo taken at St. Patricks Cathedral - interior, NYC. Jun 2008.

Random Photo: Church of the Heavenly Rest 2008

Photo take at Church of the Heavenly Rest, NYC. June 2008.