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MIT Museum and around Cambridge

There were so many museums to visit in Boston but we only can visit one for this trip. I don't want to cram all activities with kids in tow on a hot summer season. It is a recipe for meltdowns. I like to take my time looking at exhibits and read some facts or details on display.

We chose the MIT Museum in Cambridge. It would be a good reason to walk around the area beyond Boston. Another reason was to open up possibilities of learning science and technology for our kids.

Our Last Full Day in Seoul

It is our last day in Seoul, we had enough exploring and now its time for more serious stuff like shopping. Usually, I don't like to do a lot of going back and forth as I want to save my energy and focus the task at hand-- shopping for the kids.

Today we went around in the morning in Itaewon, Namdaemun in the afternoon and dinner in Noryangjin.


We stumbled upon this large store in Itaewon. It is a store full of cartoons called the Line Friends with merchandise. There were giant stuff toys. It's like a wonderland chock full of cuteness. I saw a recent billboard in Times Square, New York, I assume they would open a store here soon.

Trip to Busan

Busan is South Korea's second largest city. You would have heard this name from popular movie such as Train to Busan, it was also on the list of New York Times' 52 Places to Go in 2017 (it is number 48 on the list).

While Seoul is a bustling metropolis with people in suits, in Busan it is the largest industrial area and at first glance it is mostly blue collar. It has now gone through a renaissance and it has established itself as a creative and international center for hosting sports tournaments and events like the Annual Busan Film Festival.

Random Photo: Colonial Williamsburg Christmas

There is a subtle elegance on how Colonial Williamsburg is decorated during the holidays. It is spare and always items that where you find nature. It teaches you to be festive without overdoing it.

Bonjour Paris: Day 6 (Last Day)

It is our last full day in Paris. We decided that this day should be a bit more relaxed and prepare for the long journey back home. It is also our last chance is getting souvenirs.

Our first stop was to pick up some sweets and chocolates.

Happy Easter!

I wasn't surprised to see that Spain and France were big on celebrating Easter. What I find interesting is that they seem to go all fancy on the chocolate Easter Eggs. They probably put it as a centerpiece on their Easter celebration instead of cake.

These were the ones I saw in Barcelona:

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We don't have any major travel plans but we have enjoyed our weekend. Often times our activities revolve around swimming at the pool. We basically just stayed local and enjoyed a quiet time together. 

Here are some activities that made us busy last weekend:

Madison is off to swimming lessons. I want her to learn how to swim without assistance on any floatation device. I hope she retains proper swimming habits even after this summer.

Christmas gift ideas circa 1975

You see a lot of ads for gift suggestions before the holidays. So, when I saw this article "What People Wanted For Christmas In 1975", you got to check out what kids want for Christmas circa 1975. 

Presidents Day

This is a short video from last summer's trip to Colonial Williamsburg. I wasn't able to video the Jefferson speech but this might be a good alternative. It is catchy too.

Enjoy the holiday! Huzzah!

The Headquarters - Rockingham, NJ

During the 4th of July weekend, we decided to do something local. The summer had been scorching that getting on an idle car in the middle of the day almost felt like hopping on a raging oven. Most folks in the area seem to be indoors that the roads were open without traffic.

This year we decided to go something local. Since hubby is scheduled to work that weekend, Madison and I went out to do something patriotic. We visited a former Revolutionary War headquarters in Rockingham township.

The Berrien mansion was built as a farmhouse in the early 1700's. In 1783, General George Washington stayed here for 3 months the same year he received the news of the Treaty of Paris, wherein confirming that the 13 colonies became independent of Great Britain.

Happy Fourth of July!

And remember to keep yourself hydrated!

Photo taken at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

A Day in the Farm

After going through a series of monsoon-like weather for the past weeks, the sun has finally peeked through. It is time to shed those winter clothes and enjoy the outdoors.

Since the mall is closed for the Easter holiday, we decided to spend time at a nearby farm in the Princeton area. They had weekly activities for kids but this particular weekened, they have the Bunny Chase event. At the entrace, they give you a map to find the bunny trail. At the end, they give away cookies and have some toddler activites.

Here is a typical day in the farm:

Feeding the sheep.

Easter Sunday Best

Madison was in a good mood last Easter Sunday. She let me chase her with my camera. These candid shots are good enough to frame up.

Not to be biased, I think she is just cute.

Winter Cleaning

It's the New Year, I had the urge to do some cleaning around the house. One of my resolutions was to organize my work station which is filled with junk, loose papers, stale dated magazines and books (both read and unread). We had a small basement downstairs which I have a wall unit for my books and other stuff. I noticed that I am running out of space. My precious bookshelf needs a little weeding. Now I am faced with the question of what books should I discard to make room for new ones. It has been years since I am in denial, it feels like a Sophie's choice (sort of) but reality hits and it needs to be done.

This is what I decided to do:

(1)  Get rid of dated books