Our Last Full Day in Seoul

It is our last day in Seoul, we had enough exploring and now its time for more serious stuff like shopping. Usually, I don't like to do a lot of going back and forth as I want to save my energy and focus the task at hand-- shopping for the kids.

Today we went around in the morning in Itaewon, Namdaemun in the afternoon and dinner in Noryangjin.


We stumbled upon this large store in Itaewon. It is a store full of cartoons called the Line Friends with merchandise. There were giant stuff toys. It's like a wonderland chock full of cuteness. I saw a recent billboard in Times Square, New York, I assume they would open a store here soon.

Some items were pricey but we got toys and accessories for the kids. I was surprised to see some collaborations with known US brands.

We decided to a little splurge on food and went for a French restaurant. This tomato soup tastes divine. Only a week has passed and I already miss western food.

Salmon and cream pasta. It was also divine.

Mussels and fries. Yes, very good too.

Hubby got the meatballs and pasta.

I am beginning to like Itaewon, there is so much diversity here. I feel at home.


Seoul can be a lot of things, it can be glossy, new age, historic then there is Namdaemun, unfiltered. To really know about a city is to visit its local market. You can get anything here, only you can find it.

I bought prescription glasses on one (of the many) eyeglass shops in the market. I came prepared and bought my doctor's prescription, this made the transaction flawless. The pair I got cost about $60 and it was good quality. I should have bought a second pair. You learn something new everyday.

There is now a tourist information booth in the middle of the market, they give you a map that sorts out the categories so you can find items you need to purchase. And the vendors were more pleasant and patient handling foreign shoppers.

I am not sure if they were only in transit to a performance destination or this is routine show for foreign shoppers like me. Either way, I'll take it.

There were a lot of food stalls in Namdaemun and it is evident they make it on site. We want to try one but we are saving our appetite for a huge dinner tonight.


When I booked my flight to Seoul, this place came up in mind. About all travel shows talk about seafood markets in South Korea and had shown to buy the items downstairs and had them cook upstairs. Seafood is something we rarely eat at home and considered a luxury when we have them at restaurants.

We went to Noryangin Fish Market and sure enough we had somebody ask to assist us on purchasing some items. We decided on buying a large King Crab, 2 pounds of large prawns and a bundle (about a dozen) of bamboo clams. Sure enough the guy that help us translate sent us to the second floor restaurant. He recommended to have the bamboo clams stir fried, grill the prawns, steam the king crab and add an order of crab rice. He dropped us at the Dragon Palace, I assume he gets commission for customers he sends there. Either way, he was nice and personable and wasn't really pushy. We thanked him for helping us through the transaction.

Stir fried Bamboo Clams. They actually look like razor clams. A little bit spicy for my taste but good as well.

Grilled Prawns. Gone in 60 seconds.

They always use scissors here in South Korea. I guess it is safer to use instead of a sharp knife. The King Crab was nice and sweet. This crab is large enough to feed a group of 6. It is also our biggest splurge on our food budget.

The crab fried rice is probably the best item we ordered. I think I would have to come back for this. The combination of rice, oyster sauce, sesame oil, sesame seed and roasted seaweed (gim, for the umami) made it delicious. Definitely, a memorable meal.

Last thoughts, I did tally on how much it would have cost per person for this sumptuous meal. Including additional items ordered like a couple bottles of beer, the meal would have cost $40 per person. Not bad for Seoul standards.

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