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Hola Barcelona: Day 3

We are halfway on our trip. The days seem too short for us. We seem to take our time in the morning that by the time we are ready to go out and had our morning breakfast, it is time for lunch. We decided to make this day a lazy one and shop for goodies to bring home. We still have another leg of our trip to Paris which also meant that we are carrying our luggage all the way to the airport and take the metro to our hotel.

On our last day, we decided to head over Plaza Catalunya and walk over to Las Ramblas. We got a random place for tapas. It seem to be a popular place with 2 floors, they are in the process of closing down the kitchen but was able to fit us in for late lunch. We just asked the waiter to order for us since there are so many items to choose from. He actually gave us the good stuff. The meal was delicious, it was also the most expensive meal we had in Barcelona.

Montserrat Boys Choir (Escolania)

Montserrat has the oldest music school in Europe. You would be able to catch the choir daily at 1 pm. except on Saturdays. They perform twice on Sundays. These are boys that live and study at the monastery.

Unfortunately, we have missed this performance during our visit. I will make sure not to miss this on the next visit.


We decided to make a pilgrimage to the monastery of Montserrat. It has been on my top of my list when I started researching on our Barcelona itinerary. It is accessible by train, about an hour and a half trip from downtown Barcelona. It is historic and picturesque. It was worth the visit.

Montserrat means serrated mountains and had been a pilgrimage site for hundreds of years. On top the mountain is a thousand year old Benedictine monastery. It is also the location of the oldest music school (that dates back to 14th century) in Europe where you can listen to Gregorian chants by the boys choir.

Bus Turistico: Barcelona

Now that we finally got through fatigue and jet lag, we are ready for heavy duty sightseeing. We want to see a lot of Barcelona. So we started our day with the Bus Turistico. Every major city has one of those red double deck bus that goes around the major sights.

I am still testing out my new camera. It was a hybrid of DSLR and point and shoot. It was easy to use and takes great photos but it had an automatic sensor that keeps on adjusting when turned on. It took about half an hour of use till it shut down. It is upsetting to think that I checked the battery before going out. After this day, I made sure to turn off the camera when not in use.

The Jamon Experience

I have been trying to eat healthy these past few months. I try to avoid processed foods, sugared drinks and pork. Processed foods and soda had been easy for me but anything pork had been difficult. So the game plan came into a concession on eating it in moderation. I have been successful for now until Barcelona. Here, pork is king.

Hola Barcelona: Day 2

We have to pick up our friend at the airport. After we drop off the luggage in the hotel, we decided to grab something to eat and walk around the area. We found the city somewhat desolate, (almost!) nobody around. It is a dreary Sunday afternoon. Only the big stores are open.

Hola Barcelona: Day 1

We have all this feeling of excitement when you land on the destination airport. Walking through the glass and metal Barcelona airport, I have all this anticipation. I know I will enjoy my time here.

The airport is so sophisticated. The summer Olympics was held here in 1992.

Happy Easter!

I wasn't surprised to see that Spain and France were big on celebrating Easter. What I find interesting is that they seem to go all fancy on the chocolate Easter Eggs. They probably put it as a centerpiece on their Easter celebration instead of cake.

These were the ones I saw in Barcelona:

Hola Barcelona

I want to share some of the photos that I posted on my facebook account. This what I wrote on the caption:

"Dear Barcelona, I am so charmed. I would like to see you again. Soon."

It is basically a collection on my whirlwind trip with my lifelong friends. It is our annual trip where we get to go away by ourselves without the hassle of tagging along kids and hubbies. We usually do this on a long weekend within the United States but this year we got ambitious and chose to go to Barcelona for 10 days. By end of the trip, we all agree that we have been away far too long. We do miss our families.