Hola Barcelona: Day 2

We have to pick up our friend at the airport. After we drop off the luggage in the hotel, we decided to grab something to eat and walk around the area. We found the city somewhat desolate, (almost!) nobody around. It is a dreary Sunday afternoon. Only the big stores are open.

No traffic either.

Found a lot of these faucets in the city. I have no idea if it is safe to drink.

Then we move on to have tapas on a random bar. The menu was in Spanish and Catalan, no food photos but we tried to figure out some items using our guidebook for translations. Somehow this guessing game can be fun - sometimes.

The menu indicates that this is Llonganissa, it is basically a chorizo. I was expecting a pepperoni type of taste but it was surprisingly has a sweet and smoky taste. We wiped this baby out.

Another random order, I recognized it as pork and potatoes on the menu. It was good but not my favorite.

So proud that I was able to recognize mushrooms on the Catalan menu. I really liked this one.

Calamares. This is a good one too.

This is something that I got obsessed, it is so good that I have to make it a home. This Pan con Tomate is such a simple fare but so satisfying. It is made of rustic bread, some garlic, a drizzle of olive oil and of course, tomato.

All this walking found us on La Rambla. I guess this is where the crowds are. Although I am not sure if the rest of the folks walking are tourists (like us!).

We end our day here and plan to do a heavy sightseeing the next day.

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