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What we ate at Seoul

We had so many food options in Seoul. We didn't even got to try the street foods. Often times, we save our appetite for the main meal where we sat down and eat. We walked around so much that we want to rest our feet for a while we enjoy our food.

Below are the foods we tried. Some of them we really like too much that we ate it almost everyday.

  • Plane food
Okay, we are not in Seoul yet but en route. We took Korean Air so we can have a direct flight to Seoul and try to see their service and food options. And oh boy, they didn't disappoint.

Throughout the 13 hour flight, I had the selection of Bibimbap (seen below), congee and meat/potatoes combo.

Happy Easter!

I wasn't surprised to see that Spain and France were big on celebrating Easter. What I find interesting is that they seem to go all fancy on the chocolate Easter Eggs. They probably put it as a centerpiece on their Easter celebration instead of cake.

These were the ones I saw in Barcelona:

Korea series: Food Trip

It felt that this particular trip had been a blur. Looking back, my sister and I had rare sit down dinners in Seoul. It is also our fault that every time we see something interesting we stop and look. Most of the time we ended up snacking. When its time for a proper meal, we are not in the mood and sit down for another bout of bottomless meal. I kid you not.

To get an idea of how a typical restaurant meal, it starts with a ban-chan. It is a small side servings, a bit more hearty than an appetizer. It really depends how generous the host gives you but it typically has a side of kimchi and other spicy and fermented greens. Often times, these sides do complement with the meal you have ordered.

The M's and a Candy Bar

It occurred to me that I haven't shared some of my Orlando photos. I am currently using a clunky desktop and don't have the ability to upload photos. It has been a couple weeks back but like what good 'ol Justin Bieber would say --"never say never"!

After spending a couple of days outdoors, we decided to spend a laid back afternoon in the nearby Florida mall. There is nothing new with this mall, sure its huge and it has basically the same stores you would find in any other major mall except for one when Madison got excited when she saw a familiar face.

My Spaghetti

Growing up, we view pasta as a food only for special occassions. It is only served on important holidays such as Christmas and New Years eve, or if you are lucky, it might be available on your birthday. On regular days, rice pretty much sums up our everyday diet.

I really didn't care much about pasta as long it was served in a form of spaghetti. For years, I have been making it in an easy route of opening a jar of spaghetti sauce and mix it with sauteed ground meat. I didn't make such as fuss about having good pasta till that one Thanksgiving week in Rome.


Francois Chocolate Bar (Closed)

I usually like to eat something sweet while taking my afternoon tea/coffee. This what had greeted us when we decided to take a break from our leisurely walk going to midtown.

You have to pass through a fancy jewelry store complete with polite security guards in pressed suits to get into the elevator. Since we are coming from the nearby museum, we were dressed down in jeans and sneakers. This is one of those times that I wished to have dressed up a little bit. But no worries, we were given our table and the rest of our orders accordingly.

Off to Myrtle Beach

Our Colonial Williamsburg tickets are still valid the following day so we decided to make another day out of it before heading to another 8 hour drive to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We visited the museum area and had a quick lunch before heading on the road.

We stopped by a popular local BBQ joint. It had a fast food feel where you order the food on the counter and they call your number for your tray. The selection was a predictable meats and sides. While deciding on the sides there was one with an item called hushpuppies. What's that? It turned out that it is a southern specialty of deep fried breaded cornmeal that when you bite unto, it had that outside crunch but soft inside. It is not my favorite but it was a surprise that I haven't heard of it, till now.


9th Avenue Food Fest 2010 - New York, NY

This is one of my favorite streetfairs in NYC. Most of the vendors were restaurants in the same block but majority of them were entrepreneurial folks who want to show off their wares.

This year I am intent on looking for new food items that weren't there last year. Maybe try something I am not familiar with. The same vendors were still there but what I noticed that it has less flair than last year but it hasn't lost its charm.

Romanian Fest - New York, NY

As I indicated my disappointment from the Romanian Festival on finding anything Romanian, I took some random photos of items seen at the street fair.

Some veggie fare. Spinich, anyone?

Romania Festival 2010 - New York, NY

Back at work, I met a team leader that has an Eastern European accent but I can't tell where specifically. A little small talk and found out he is from Romania. Suddenly, I tried to squeeze what I know about the country and its culture but nothing other than Dracula's Transylvannia and Nadia Comaneci comes in mind.

When I heard New York City is having a Romanian parade, I knew to check it out.

Philippine Parade 2009 - New York City

This is my first time attending the Philippine parade in NYC, the parade started in Madison Avenue between 42nd street and 23rd streets. It is the grandest parade compared to the ones in NJ and CT, it usually draws the biggest crowd from the tri-state area. It also boasts high profile visitors such as the Philippine Vice President, Noli De Castro and celebrities like Jay-R and dreamboat Dingdong Dantes.

9th Avenue Food Fest 2009 - New York, NY

This is our first time on the 9th Avenue food fest. There are so many food options for cheap and the experience can be overwhelming. The only downside was that you are forced to eat your food standing up. There were times that I just want to get away from the heat and the sun, take my time to eat my food but it can get frustrating when its time to chew on a big chunk of meat standing up.

Food Fair 2009 - Downtown New York, NY

My office has moved to downtown. I am little annoyed of not having decent food options in the area. If there were, the price range is not even worth it.

Let me focus on the upside, if there was any....World Financial Center in downtown had a food fair. Restaurants in the area are selling samplers of their lunch specials. Nothing great but its good to know what is available in the area. Until now, I haven't ventured out that far.

One of the better options here, I got the yaki's and ginger salad. Yum!

Yucatan Food - Cancun, Mexico

The food would be one of the things that I would miss about Cancun. After eating Yucatan fares for a couple of days, I developed a craving that I order the same items on the menu.

When you are in Cancun's Zona Hotelera, its easy to be at home with familiar restaurants like Outbacks, Chili's, Domino Pizza, etc. Since we flew all the way here, we have to try the local cuisine, and we are not disappointed.

After reading travel guides for good eats in the area, all have the same recommendation, go the Parque Las Palapas in downtown Cancun and head over to Restaurante Labna. They offer a buffet on weekday lunch hours and we were able to sample everything for a mere cost of $8 per person. How can you top that?

Giant Tuna Cutting Ceremony 2009 - Fort Lee, NJ

We heard of the Giant Tuna Cutting Ceremony in Mitsuwa that is held every November. I never pay attention to this till I saw the the "giant" tuna meant a whopping 600 pounds of fish, 400 pounds without the tail and the head.

The ceremony started with an introduction that the bluefin tuna was caught over the coast of Malta about 3 days ago. It was also explained that it has the same kind of quality that the top end sushi restaurants serve.

NYC: Macaron Cafe

Oh sugar, where art thou?

Flavors: green tea, lavender honey, peach

Flavors: Rose, Cassis (blackcurrant), forgot the other one.

Look at what I stumbled on my way to fashion avenue in midtown. It's a small French cafe off 36th street. They sell this pastry called Macaroons. For some reason, I always associate macaroons with something with coconut. Of course, this is the French version.

Matsumoto - North Shore, Oahu

This is what I look forward to when we drive to North Shore. I consider this as one of the best experiences in visiting Oahu. It has been featured on the Travel Channel and the Food Network.

And from the first time I had the snow cone, consider me hooked!

World's Largest Buffett

TITLE: World's Largest Buffett
STATUS: Publish
CATEGORY: Food and Drink

DATE: 03/31/2006 11:34:38 PM
"All you can eat buffet for $7.50"

This all sounds so casual in a "town" called Las Vegas. It is such a common fixture that it doesn't even sound unusual since every major casino has its own version.

Alka Seltzer, the antacid medicine was celebrating its 75th year. It sponsored a feat at the Hilton to get its fundraiser to the Guinness Book of World Records for promoting the largest ever food buffet. And they've won.

After waiting for over 2 hours, we got our turn and its just all worth it. The food consists of 510 menu items that includes 40 different soups and innumerable types salad, entrees and deserts. You won't even know where to start.

If you ask me, I just focused on the foods that I don't usually eat like seafood, some spicy salads and different kinds of chowders and bisques. I found the breaded tilapia and cod something memorable. I didn't even have room for deserts although the key lime pie seem to call my name. I heard the guy next to our table telling everyone that "the prime rib hurts". It sounded very funny at that time.

Overall, I am glad that I heard the event in TV early morning. I can proudly say that we were part of the Guinness history in Las Vegas. For $7.50, with all that food plus freebies like t-shirts and some alka seltzer tablets, the experience was all worth it!