The M's and a Candy Bar

It occurred to me that I haven't shared some of my Orlando photos. I am currently using a clunky desktop and don't have the ability to upload photos. It has been a couple weeks back but like what good 'ol Justin Bieber would say --"never say never"!

After spending a couple of days outdoors, we decided to spend a laid back afternoon in the nearby Florida mall. There is nothing new with this mall, sure its huge and it has basically the same stores you would find in any other major mall except for one when Madison got excited when she saw a familiar face.

The little one got so excited that we ended up going inside and got ourselves a bag of these colorful goodies. I just love that sweet chocolate smell. There is probably a calming effect in smelling chocolate coated candies and eating them is a totally different story. Perusing these colorful wall makes me feel in my own wonderland. Too much color and chocolate.

Another stand alone store that is popular with kids: Dylan's Candy Bar.

You would probably get here any candy you could think of. I think the concept was to bring that nostalgic feeling of childhood when you see a familiar kind of candy from way back then. At the same time, it is also for kids who loves to be in candy wonderland. They even have a private party room in site.

I don't usually get interested in sweets and chocolates but the little one has the sweet tooth. I have to indulge. Things we do for our children. Tsk. Tsk.

More Florida photos on the next posts.


Reginald Cheng said...

Wow! "Melts in your mouth not in your hands"

docgelo said...

WOW! my family and I LOVE chocolates (in almost any form and flavors, haha!) and M&M is one of our favorites! i love the photos, so vibrant & alive! thank you for sharing.. it looks like a paradise to me, a sweet place that is! hehe!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

wow! i think I want to go to Dylans'! i love chocolates! this is an interesting post, makes me wish I'm still a kid.

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