What we ate at Seoul

We had so many food options in Seoul. We didn't even got to try the street foods. Often times, we save our appetite for the main meal where we sat down and eat. We walked around so much that we want to rest our feet for a while we enjoy our food.

Below are the foods we tried. Some of them we really like too much that we ate it almost everyday.

  • Plane food
Okay, we are not in Seoul yet but en route. We took Korean Air so we can have a direct flight to Seoul and try to see their service and food options. And oh boy, they didn't disappoint.

Throughout the 13 hour flight, I had the selection of Bibimbap (seen below), congee and meat/potatoes combo.

  • Pork Belly (Samgyupsal)
Due to jet lag, we are all awake at 3 am and starving. We want to eat solid food and the morning breakfast at the hotel were not open yet. Outside our hotel and across the street is a grill place that is open 24 hours. We end up eating at this place almost every morning when we were at Seoul.

  • Banchan

These are the side dishes that came with the main meal. They usually compliment your meal. This particular banchan was on a non-descript place at the back of the bus station. They were simple and good. They would refill for free if you would ask.

  • Chicken and Beer combo
This has became our favorite at Korea. Nothing beats a cold beer and spicy fried chicken on any night cap. In fact, we were eating the same combo while watching a local baseball game. We did this twice. I still miss even long after we came back from our trip.

  • Noodle bowl (Hot and Cold)
This was the to go food whenever we need a quick meal. Often costs less than $8, it is such a deal and filing. You could never get wrong with this meal.

Bulgogi Noodle by N Tower in Seoul.

Cold Noodle with Shrimp Tempura. We got this in Centum City in Busan.

  • Grilled Fish and Tofu Stew (Soonduboo Jjigae)

We found this place on the 2nd floor of Yongsan Station. The place looks filled with locals and they serve mostly basic stews and fish. We gave it a try and had a memorable meal. Given an opportunity, we would come back here again.

  • Temple Food

On this trip, we decided to focus on new experiences. I saw good reviews on this restaurant that serves temple prepared food. It was vegan cuisine that had the guys on our group refusing to go. They were outnumbered so they were forced to go. You have to come and try this with an open mind. The food was surprisingly good and filling.

The food below are fried mushrooms. If we didn't know anything about it, we would guessed it was General Tso's chicken. The mushrooms were dry, probably double fried to give it a chewy consistency so it would blend with the sauce. This was very good.

  • Seafood Market

Going to Noryangin Seafood Market was on top of my to do list in Seoul. We originally wanted to do this in Jalgachi Market in Busan but we didn't have the time. I know I can't leave Seoul without getting some prawns and king crabs. It was one of the highlights of our trip. A great way to cap our last dinner in this city.

Grilled Prawns. So good, it was wiped out in 60 seconds.

Crab Fried Rice. I swear I have to go back for more of this. This meal had me at hello. Yes, that good.

Last thoughts:

Our last trip to Seoul is such a short one. We didn't even got to go to Myeongdong or Gwangjang for street foods. Even if we pass by a good cart (which is often), it was a struggle not to try them since we need to save our appetite for lunch/dinner. Even when you pass by the basement food courts at shopping malls, the food do look interesting. Like I always said, I will be back hopefully with our kids in tow. I think they will enjoy it.

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