Francois Chocolate Bar (Closed)

I usually like to eat something sweet while taking my afternoon tea/coffee. This what had greeted us when we decided to take a break from our leisurely walk going to midtown.

You have to pass through a fancy jewelry store complete with polite security guards in pressed suits to get into the elevator. Since we are coming from the nearby museum, we were dressed down in jeans and sneakers. This is one of those times that I wished to have dressed up a little bit. But no worries, we were given our table and the rest of our orders accordingly.

The fancy elevator.

One of the corner nooks.

One of the displays you could browse while waiting for your table.

Very nice.

We went there about an hour before closing, so we have limited items to choose from.
I am beginning to like the coziness of the open brick wall.

I was a bit hesitant to take photos when we sat down. But when I saw a group of people taking picures, I went on with the flow and took the same pictures.

As for the meal, my coffee and the verrine cost about $10, not bad on Manhattan prices. And given a chance, I will gladly bring a friend here on a heartbeat.

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