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Eataly - New York City

This is one of my favorite stops whenever I am in town. To me, its one stop shop. I can (window) shop. Get coffee, ice cream, bread or pastry. Eat snack, lunch or dinner. Or all of the above. It is always crowded here both with tourists and locals. I like to come in earlier when the workers are in the process of setting up shop for the day.

First stop is coffee. By just looking at the giant silver espresso machine, you could tell that they are serious about coffee.

My Spaghetti

Growing up, we view pasta as a food only for special occassions. It is only served on important holidays such as Christmas and New Years eve, or if you are lucky, it might be available on your birthday. On regular days, rice pretty much sums up our everyday diet.

I really didn't care much about pasta as long it was served in a form of spaghetti. For years, I have been making it in an easy route of opening a jar of spaghetti sauce and mix it with sauteed ground meat. I didn't make such as fuss about having good pasta till that one Thanksgiving week in Rome.