Eataly - New York City

This is one of my favorite stops whenever I am in town. To me, its one stop shop. I can (window) shop. Get coffee, ice cream, bread or pastry. Eat snack, lunch or dinner. Or all of the above. It is always crowded here both with tourists and locals. I like to come in earlier when the workers are in the process of setting up shop for the day.

First stop is coffee. By just looking at the giant silver espresso machine, you could tell that they are serious about coffee.

I like to have choices. But I usually can't resist an old fashioned apple tart.

Or any mousse-yogurt concoction.

It is rare to see this place bare. It is one of the joys of coming in for an early 11 am lunch. Too early for wine tasting.

I always take some random cheese to try at home. It is always good to ask what pairs best with your wine selection. On my case, I prefer red wines.

Moving on to the pasta corner.

And another great meal.

Ending our meal for some gelato. This is why I love going here. I always feel better afterwards.

Now, whats for dinner?

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