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Random Photo: Flat Iron District NYC

Summers in New York City can be unbearable. But this didn't deter people from eating outdoors. The Marimekko umbrellas also adds to the charm.

North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

We have been in Oahu before. The first time was our honeymoon. We went back when my daughter was 9 months old then we set up another trip bringing the rest of my family. One sister loved it so much that she decided to give up her job in New Jersey and moved to Hawaii for good.

We decided to spend our day in the North Shore part of town. Since we were staying in the Waikiki area, it would take us about an hour drive depending on traffic. Oahu got really crowded from the last time we visited. Traffic is such a hassle that it is not even possible (on certain days or time) to drive from one end of the island to the other.

We started our day on a hiking trip to the Waimea Valley. From our guide book, the hike should be an easy 1.5 mile walk ending with a swim to the waterfalls.

Trinity Church - New York, NY

If you are in downtown NYC, it would be impossible to miss the Trinity Church at Rector Street. It stands in front of the Wall Street area as it overlooks the New York Stock Exchange building.

What is she looking at?

As I am doing some photo housekeeping, I notice this random shot taken at a nearby church. If you look closer in the photo, you would notice that something has caught Madison's attention to have her look up. Does she saw something there? I see something of a white orb and a reflection but shrugged it as trick of the light. I am not sure. I saw the movie "The Sixth Sense" which I know is fiction but in the back of my head I still believe in the supernatural and afterlife, ek ek.

You judge. Let me know what you think.

9th Avenue Food Fest 2010 - New York, NY

This is one of my favorite streetfairs in NYC. Most of the vendors were restaurants in the same block but majority of them were entrepreneurial folks who want to show off their wares.

This year I am intent on looking for new food items that weren't there last year. Maybe try something I am not familiar with. The same vendors were still there but what I noticed that it has less flair than last year but it hasn't lost its charm.

Romania Festival 2010 - New York, NY

Back at work, I met a team leader that has an Eastern European accent but I can't tell where specifically. A little small talk and found out he is from Romania. Suddenly, I tried to squeeze what I know about the country and its culture but nothing other than Dracula's Transylvannia and Nadia Comaneci comes in mind.

When I heard New York City is having a Romanian parade, I knew to check it out.

Love means...Erich Segal

A farewell to one of my beloved writer Erich Segal who passed away with a heart attack and has long been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was 72.

One of this popular work is the sappy movie Love Story where the line: "Love means not ever to say you're sorry" has been the byline of sentimentalists. It has been 30 or so years and this line still comes up in current pop culture.

Winter Cleaning

It's the New Year, I had the urge to do some cleaning around the house. One of my resolutions was to organize my work station which is filled with junk, loose papers, stale dated magazines and books (both read and unread). We had a small basement downstairs which I have a wall unit for my books and other stuff. I noticed that I am running out of space. My precious bookshelf needs a little weeding. Now I am faced with the question of what books should I discard to make room for new ones. It has been years since I am in denial, it feels like a Sophie's choice (sort of) but reality hits and it needs to be done.

This is what I decided to do:

(1)  Get rid of dated books

Twin Cities - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

This has been my last "get-away" trip of the year. It was a last minute decision but I thought I haven't seen my lifelong friends together in years. We try to catch up on the phone but nothing beats the face to face interaction. We all know each other in college which seem like a lifetime ago. Each have a different personality, odd quirks and a view of life but somehow we enjoy each others company.

The last time I saw them together was at my wedding in Las Vegas. We try to be there on every important event on our lives but we get caught up with the occassion to be able leisurely chat our way hours through the day. We can talk for hours through the night. There is a lot to catch up with since a lot happened through college to the present. In every chapter of life, priorities change. Things that were important then are inconsequential now. As we go through old memories, we go through the present and the future.

Girls will be girls.

Pompano Beach, FL 2009

After spending more than a week at Florida, I am in a state of refusing to go home. Our plan was to head over Miami and explore the city. But after spending a day at the serene Pompano Beach, I am content to wallow over whatever worries we have at the present.

It did occur to me that I can move here so I can have access to the beach and warm weather all year round. It is in mainland and totally accessible by car. We finally found another alternative to Hawaii.

The beach has nice fine sand that were rock free with occassional sea weeds. It has a strong current but safe enough to swim with a boogie board. There were beach rentals in the area anything from beach chairs, umbrellas or wave runners.

The downside was the seediness of its neighboring town. After a trip to a local wal-mart, you get a feeling that you want to be away this town as soon as possible. It is also prone to annual hurricanes that it is not unusual to evacuate.

Yikes. I guess moving here is out of the question. We are still staying in New Jersey after all.

Expect us to come back year if by any chance we won't be able to fly back to Honolulu.

The view when I wake up in the morning.

Fish Auction - Honolulu, HI

It is one of the well recommended attractions in Hawaii travel books. If you are from the mainland, chances are you have to adjust to Pacific Time which is 6 hours behind from the East Coast and 3 hours behind from the West Coast.

Mobile Closet

Now, I got an idea on how popular musicians travel. They go on the road along inside a tractor trailer complete with every amenities you can think of.

On the IZOD center lot, there was a huge tractor trailer that showcases Rocawear items. Just in case you didn't know, Jay-Z, the owner of the Rocawear line has a stake on the Nets ownership. You could usually see him watching the game on the sidelines sometimes with beau (wife?) Beyonce in tow.