North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

We have been in Oahu before. The first time was our honeymoon. We went back when my daughter was 9 months old then we set up another trip bringing the rest of my family. One sister loved it so much that she decided to give up her job in New Jersey and moved to Hawaii for good.

We decided to spend our day in the North Shore part of town. Since we were staying in the Waikiki area, it would take us about an hour drive depending on traffic. Oahu got really crowded from the last time we visited. Traffic is such a hassle that it is not even possible (on certain days or time) to drive from one end of the island to the other.

We started our day on a hiking trip to the Waimea Valley. From our guide book, the hike should be an easy 1.5 mile walk ending with a swim to the waterfalls.

It wasn't a bad hike since it is on wide paved road and mostly on flat terrain. There is also an option to tour the place on a golf cart for a small fee. It would be good if you plan to have a picnic by the waterfalls area and have a lot of bags in tow. We only have our beach bags so we decided to go on the waterfalls on foot. We stop occasionally to take pictures. Besides the heat, the only complaint was the abundance of mosquitos. Make sure to put on insect repellant before you start the hike.

About a couple of meters away before the waterfalls, there is a small changing area to get you started for the swim.

There are lifeguards by the waterfalls. He will give you a life vest to wear. The difficult part was walking through the slippery rocks but once you get through it will be an easy swim. In fact, you don't need to swim since the life vest would let you float and the current would carry you at the waterfalls. I had fun. It was nice that the water was cold and fresh. Something different aside from sea water.

After the punishing hike and swim, we decided to grab something to eat. We decided to go to Kua Aina and try some Hawaiian burgers.

I got the Pineapple Burger. It did hit the spot. Best burger. Ever.

Hubby got the Avocado Burger. That was good too.

Afterwards, we head for some Matsumoto Shaved Ice. A local favorite. We got the Rainbow Combo with Azuki Beans.

On our way back to our place, we stopped by the Dole Plantation for some ice cream and souvenirs. Their pineapple soft serve is always so good. They even put a chunk of pineapple on the side.

We thought to bring some of these back home. But decided to pass.

Overall it was a good day. Did I mention that I {heart} North Shore? If you haven't been there then go and explore. You won't regret it.

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