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Memorial Day Weekend in New York

We decided to stay in New York City for the weekend. One of our favorite places in NYC was the park, particularly Bryant Park. We love that it is centrally located and well maintained. There is always something to do in Bryant Park like Juggling Lessons. The kids love that they leave the equipment on the lawn for everyone to use.

Ko'Olina Wedding - Oahu, Hawaii

When my sister got engage she mentioned that her dream wedding would be in Hawaii. She needed suggestions. I told her that the perfect location should be in Ko'Olina. It is a quiet place without much tourists since it is not easy to get there by public transportation. You need a car to get there comfortably not to mention that it had limited parking space. Most likely that you would get turned back once the public parking is full.

They were able to book the wedding on the K'Olina Chapel and have the reception at Roy's Restaurant.

North Shore - Oahu, Hawaii

We have been in Oahu before. The first time was our honeymoon. We went back when my daughter was 9 months old then we set up another trip bringing the rest of my family. One sister loved it so much that she decided to give up her job in New Jersey and moved to Hawaii for good.

We decided to spend our day in the North Shore part of town. Since we were staying in the Waikiki area, it would take us about an hour drive depending on traffic. Oahu got really crowded from the last time we visited. Traffic is such a hassle that it is not even possible (on certain days or time) to drive from one end of the island to the other.

We started our day on a hiking trip to the Waimea Valley. From our guide book, the hike should be an easy 1.5 mile walk ending with a swim to the waterfalls.

Birthday weekend

I had recently celebrated my birthday. I usually brush it off with the thought of getting another year older. But this year is different, it is somewhat of a personal milestone for me since it marks the year that I officially lived half of my life in New Jersey. Wohoo! Oh how time just moved so fast for me.

So, as our usual family ritual, we had our weekend meal at the restaurant of my choice. This time I chose a Korean buffet restaurant (no surprise there) that we would be able to grill meat at our table to our hearts content. It sounds like a great idea but when we got there we got a little bit frazzled. Usually a server would put down all you need to start on the table top grill but with the buffet concept you have to get up and get what you need to start cooking. Yes, you have to cook you own food. It also meant that it would take about another 15 minutes to cook it. With a big group it could be more. So it could be a little frustrating if you are really hungry and you have to wait for your turn on the first batch of cooked meat.