Ko'Olina Wedding - Oahu, Hawaii

When my sister got engage she mentioned that her dream wedding would be in Hawaii. She needed suggestions. I told her that the perfect location should be in Ko'Olina. It is a quiet place without much tourists since it is not easy to get there by public transportation. You need a car to get there comfortably not to mention that it had limited parking space. Most likely that you would get turned back once the public parking is full.

They were able to book the wedding on the K'Olina Chapel and have the reception at Roy's Restaurant.

The glass chapel is looking right into the water. It is sundown and the light inside the chapel is changing, it is almost getting magical. They even have a lady singing in Hawaiian, she sounded so good that I regret not getting the video. She sang liked an angel.

We all took our family photos while waiting for the bride and the groom to finish the customary photo session.

We got to the reception and had a great dinner. I drank like a fish trying all kinds of cocktails available. I noticed the cake didn't have a cake topper. My sister said she forgot about it. I don't think it mattered during the cake cutting. Everyone is drunk (but very happy) to notice.

We stayed through the reception even though we are very tired. We are still on East Coast time which is 6 hours ahead. It is only 9pm in Hawaii but we are all drop dead tired since our body is telling us that it is 3am, time for bed.

Tomorrow would be a rest day. Most likely, we will be in bed for the rest of the day.

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