Memorial Day Weekend in New York

We decided to stay in New York City for the weekend. One of our favorite places in NYC was the park, particularly Bryant Park. We love that it is centrally located and well maintained. There is always something to do in Bryant Park like Juggling Lessons. The kids love that they leave the equipment on the lawn for everyone to use.

Since we only have one full day, we set our sights on going to Staten Island for Fleet Week. We are on our way to visit the guided missile destroyer USS Lassen.

For more detail of the visit, click here.

It is always nice to see the Lady Liberty. The ferry to Staten Island is free, one of the great free things to do in New York City. Yes, it is that rare.

Afterwards, we went to Chinatown to get something to eat. Then we stopped by and get some ice cream at Soft Swerve. They let us try some of the flavors and settled with Matcha Green Tea and Ube Purple Yam. I didn't like the Black Sesame, it is too nutty for my taste. It was a nice touch to have the mochi, it makes the ice cream chewy.

We head over to Mid-town by Rockefeller Center to do some window shopping. We got caught on the rain. The ballerina blow up doll has now replaced the giant Christmas Tree that they put up during the holidays. It is still popular with the tourists.

We stumbled this street fair on our way to our hotel. We got some samplers like popcorns to snack. It was a good time to take some food for dinner.

Time seems to go faster in New York City. So much to do, so much to eat with so little time. Were planning another weekend vacation back as we speak.

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