Fleet Week - USS Lassen

Fleet week is one of my favorite traditions during Memorial Day weekend. It is a weeklong event that starts with a line of visiting military ships that cruise over the Hudson River. You are allowed to visit these ships through a guided tour.

This year, we decided to head over to Staten Island, New York to visit the guided missile destroyer, USS Lassen. It was first commissioned in 1991 and was among the largest and heavily armed destroyers ever built.

We waited about an hour in line for the next tour batch. We were introduced to our tour guide whom gave us an overview of life on sea.

Previous cruisers were built with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure mast to reduce top weight. But a 1975 fire aboard a previous cruiser that gutted the aluminum superstructure had prompted to change the design to build the new class of ships made entirely of steel.

 Above where the torpedo launchers.

After going through inside dark tunnels and ladders. We head off to the ramp where they have additional demonstrations on first aid and combat tactics.

Click here for more information of the USS Lassen

Note: This year was a sad one for Fleet Week. A Navy Seal died during routine demonstration in Liberty State Park when his parachute failed to open that caused him to fall the Hudson River.

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