Bus Turistico: Barcelona

Now that we finally got through fatigue and jet lag, we are ready for heavy duty sightseeing. We want to see a lot of Barcelona. So we started our day with the Bus Turistico. Every major city has one of those red double deck bus that goes around the major sights.

I am still testing out my new camera. It was a hybrid of DSLR and point and shoot. It was easy to use and takes great photos but it had an automatic sensor that keeps on adjusting when turned on. It took about half an hour of use till it shut down. It is upsetting to think that I checked the battery before going out. After this day, I made sure to turn off the camera when not in use.

We started our tour on the Bus Turistico stop in front of the Sagrada Familia. It had a long line that we had to wait for the second bus to get a seat on the top of the deck.

This was an interesting church to me. It looks new but the style is old. I guess it is Roman Byzantine style, it has small windows and double columns. I hope I could get another opportunity to see inside.

We loop into somewhere residential. It had new buildings with interesting modern facades.

One of the many pastry places I saw on this block. I would probably go here often if I lived close.

From what I gather, soccer is huge here. One of those original jersey costs about EUR 200. Steep!

Now we see some iconic Gaudi works. It is very distinctive that it looks playful and you don't see any sharp lines.

The bus now looped into the downtown district where you see buildings with modern aesthetics.

What is not to love on this balcony?

How awesome is this office building?

A blending of the old and the new.

We took a break for lunch in Barceloneta. We had a feast of paella and tapas. Afterwards, we took the loop to the beach area. By this time, we are all sitting inside the bus since it is getting colder. The wind chill on the beach area is biting. Good thing I am still wearing my winter jacket.

This is where we end our bus trip and head over to go shopping for folks at home. It is been a while since I fell for the charms of a city. This place suits me, it is a cosmopolitan city with lots of old world charm with a beach access. I hope to come back. Soon.

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