Hola Barcelona

I want to share some of the photos that I posted on my facebook account. This what I wrote on the caption:

"Dear Barcelona, I am so charmed. I would like to see you again. Soon."

It is basically a collection on my whirlwind trip with my lifelong friends. It is our annual trip where we get to go away by ourselves without the hassle of tagging along kids and hubbies. We usually do this on a long weekend within the United States but this year we got ambitious and chose to go to Barcelona for 10 days. By end of the trip, we all agree that we have been away far too long. We do miss our families.

This wasn't the most healthy meal in the morning but I love that combination of warm and crunchy churros that you can dip on unsweetened chocolate. I had this set on an airport food court and they taste good enough that I had it twice.

I wasn't too excited to watch a flamenco show. Tarantos was such a good value for this kind of entertainment. Given an opportunity, I would watch it again.

Spain is ham nation. You easily pick up a ham snack on your way home.

I love the details on these patio. There are truly beautiful.

You have to see the La Sagrada Familia in person to appreciate its beauty. Truly majestic.

This was taken a busy downtown area in Barcelona. I am fascinated on the old and the new designs.

Taken in front of the National Art Museum in Catalonia. It is the stunning view of the Plaza Espanya rotunda and the rest of the Barcelona.

This is just snippets of the photos I collected on the trip. I would be more than excited to share more on the following posts.

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