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The Jamon Experience

I have been trying to eat healthy these past few months. I try to avoid processed foods, sugared drinks and pork. Processed foods and soda had been easy for me but anything pork had been difficult. So the game plan came into a concession on eating it in moderation. I have been successful for now until Barcelona. Here, pork is king.

A Day in the Farm

After going through a series of monsoon-like weather for the past weeks, the sun has finally peeked through. It is time to shed those winter clothes and enjoy the outdoors.

Since the mall is closed for the Easter holiday, we decided to spend time at a nearby farm in the Princeton area. They had weekly activities for kids but this particular weekened, they have the Bunny Chase event. At the entrace, they give you a map to find the bunny trail. At the end, they give away cookies and have some toddler activites.

Here is a typical day in the farm:

Feeding the sheep.