Hola Barcelona: Day 1

We have all this feeling of excitement when you land on the destination airport. Walking through the glass and metal Barcelona airport, I have all this anticipation. I know I will enjoy my time here.

The airport is so sophisticated. The summer Olympics was held here in 1992.

A display from Zara Kids. Elegant.

I find this interesting, it is not something you would see in the US. The service cost about EUR 10. Kind of pricey, I will just stick with a lock (of which I can re-use it.).

On the menu, this grilled ham and cheese sandwich is called Biquini (Bi-ki-ni).

My first Churro and Chocolate in Barcelona. It is so good. I ordered it again the following day when we picked up our friend at the airport.

After we checked in at our hotel, we had a nice seafood dinner at Barceloneta. It was the first time I had Arroz Negro (Black Paella with squid ink). It was one of the best meals in town.

This was taken on top of the Mare Magnum Mall. I like that instead of putting up lights, they made lighted seats. It was Saturday night, I expect young folks to hang around here. You could see its empty.

This was the view that greeted us the next day. It is the "garden view" from our hotel room. We stayed in on a quiet residential area in Eixample. The facilities and internet were fine. But it had thin walls that we could hear muffled voices at night.

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