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Random Photo: Colonial Williamsburg Christmas

There is a subtle elegance on how Colonial Williamsburg is decorated during the holidays. It is spare and always items that where you find nature. It teaches you to be festive without overdoing it.

The Governor's Palace - Colonial Wiliamsburg, VA

The Colonial Willimsburg Foundation has recreated the original building from ground up based on old architectural records. This was used to be the home of former royal governors and Thomas Jefferson.

The Facade.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Back in 1903 a pastor named Reverend Goodwin in the nearby Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg had a vision of restoring the old colonial capital of Williamsburg in its former glory. He championed the cause and led a successful fundraising efforts in restoring old church and historic buildings. 

On one of the fundraising events he attended, he happened to sit in the same table with a wealthy philathrophist named John D. Rockefeller Jr. From that event, Reverend Goodwin was able to signed up the generous patron and he and his wife became the primary patrons of the historical restoration project which would become a foundation for Colonial Williamsburg.

Most of the original buildings in the historic area were non-existent and were burned down long time ago. The old colonial structure was reconstructed by using old architectural plans and made it look like how it was during its 1700's heyday.  

As the motto for Colonial Williamsburg: "The future may learn from the past."

The Governor's Palace.

Off to Williamsburg

Long drives are not my favorite task in the world. The idea of sitting down for long periods of time on a car is not my idea of fun. Although, I am not usually the one on the wheel makes it worse since I am idle sitting down and bored to death. My husband on the other hand is so used to this kind of travel. He grew up travelling the country on wheels. It is not unusual for them to pack and drive from New Jersey to California about a couple times a year. To give you a time frame how far is California from where we live is it usually takes about a week to get to California assuming you are driving on an average of 8-10 hours per day non stop.

Yes, it does sound like a lifetime.

So last summer, the only way hubby convinced me to pack up the car and drive south was the promise that we will take our time on the road. It meant that we can stop as often as we like and detour to the nearest town if we (mostly I) felt like it. He gave the plan for the rest of the week as driving 8 hours to Williamsburg, Virginia and after a couple of days head further south about another 8 hours to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since there was a promise of staying within the vicinity of the beach, he knew he had me at hello.

The drive to Virginia was a breeze. We stayed on a one bedroom timeshare resort located about 10 minutes away from Colonial Williamsburg. Our room was decorated with faux colonial furniture with a small kitchen sink, safe to say that it has nothing to write home about. At least the outside facilities is adequate enough that it is designed with kids in mind.

We were at the first floor.