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Random Photo: National Harbor

It is hard not to get patriotic when you step on National Harbor in Maryland. On a clear day, you can see Washington DC on the other side of the river. It is a short ride through the bridge or a ferry ride away.

Japan Day 2012 @ Central Park

After weeks of constant rain and cloudy weather, we finally had a clear day and full of sunshine. This is one of those days that you don't want to be stuck at home.

When we heard about the Annual Japan Day celebration in Central Park was on that weekend, Madison and I went to check it out.

The Governor's Palace - Colonial Wiliamsburg, VA

The Colonial Willimsburg Foundation has recreated the original building from ground up based on old architectural records. This was used to be the home of former royal governors and Thomas Jefferson.

The Facade.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Back in 1903 a pastor named Reverend Goodwin in the nearby Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg had a vision of restoring the old colonial capital of Williamsburg in its former glory. He championed the cause and led a successful fundraising efforts in restoring old church and historic buildings. 

On one of the fundraising events he attended, he happened to sit in the same table with a wealthy philathrophist named John D. Rockefeller Jr. From that event, Reverend Goodwin was able to signed up the generous patron and he and his wife became the primary patrons of the historical restoration project which would become a foundation for Colonial Williamsburg.

Most of the original buildings in the historic area were non-existent and were burned down long time ago. The old colonial structure was reconstructed by using old architectural plans and made it look like how it was during its 1700's heyday.  

As the motto for Colonial Williamsburg: "The future may learn from the past."

The Governor's Palace.

Colonial Williamsburg, the Orientation

Before I post all the photos of colonial structures, I want to go through the Colonial Williamsburg (CW) visitors center. If you happen to stop by, this will be your major starting point before heading over to the Historic area.

The Grounds for Sculpture

The Grounds for Sculpture used to be the New Jersey State Fairgrounds that was transformed by its patron J. Seward Johnson (of the Johnson & Johnson family) into a 35-acre park filled with sculptures from contemporary artists.

It has been a while since I heard of this park in Hamilton, New Jersey. The park also hosts an upscale gourmet restaurant that has an odd name: Rat's. I find that odd too but I heard it has a story behind it.

The weather had mellow down a bit so we decided to stop by a couple of hours. We weren't able to see the entire park, you need to devote at least a full day for the grounds to walk around. It didn't help either that Madison suddenly decided to throw a tantrum. She is more interested in the ducks on the pond.

A Day at the Zoo - West Orange, New Jersey

It's amazing that I have been living at this area and I just heard that there is a zoo nearby. I was looking forward to bring Madison at the zoo since she is showing interest at animals she sees on books and television. I want to see her reaction if she sees a live animal that she recognize at an arms length (with the cage in between, of course!).

Allaire Historic Village - Wall, NJ

We checked out a nearby village park when we heard there is a spring market in the afternoon. I was surprised that this park was an old village preserved property that was donated to the State of New Jersey. The volunteers were dressed in costumes and had put up an auction to sell some old wares. Some where local vendors trying to market their services as a donation to the park.

It's amazing that everyone dresses the part.

Cypress Gardens - Winter Park, FL (Closed)

We were looking for other alternatives while staying in Orlando other than going to a Disney or any other theme parks. Some of the locals suggested Downtown Orlando but it was Cypress Gardens that got our attention. We want to try something different and would like to know Orlando better and go to the areas where the locals hang out.

Based on the brochures, it first opened in the 1930's as a botanical garden and regarded as one of the oldest theme park. It garden show cases decades old banyan tree, exotic plants and a topiary trail of various animals such as rabbits, swans and ladybugs.