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Random Photo: National Harbor

It is hard not to get patriotic when you step on National Harbor in Maryland. On a clear day, you can see Washington DC on the other side of the river. It is a short ride through the bridge or a ferry ride away.

Off to Ocean City, Maryland

We have been planning to go to Ocean City in Maryland for years. I heard that is it a fun place to be --in the summer. I could see that this tourist town is bustling with activity in spring and summer where the specialty is called Maryland crab. Our timeshare doesn't seem to have any availability in peak season but when we finally found an opening  and it is the dead of winter. It is a ghost town but the upside was that we have the place to ourselves, no lines and tons of parking next to the beach.

Havre de Grace Seafood Festival 2009 - Maryland

Even when I was little, one of my greatest dream was to travel the world. I am convinced that given an opportunity to fly off some far off place that I have a suit case readily available at a moments notice.

My mother on the other hand didn't share the same sentiments. An hour drive seem like an eternity but that is Mommy dearest. I probably got the nomad gene from some far flung relative.

So when my Mom suggested she wants to go to this seafood festival in Maryland, we were baffled what this festival is so special for her to ride on a 2.5 hour drive. We packed and off we went for a day trip.

The festival turned up nothing special that is worth that long drive. We have a quick meal of fried shrimps and craw fish. We took home dozens of spicy crabs.