Off to Ocean City, Maryland

We have been planning to go to Ocean City in Maryland for years. I heard that is it a fun place to be --in the summer. I could see that this tourist town is bustling with activity in spring and summer where the specialty is called Maryland crab. Our timeshare doesn't seem to have any availability in peak season but when we finally found an opening  and it is the dead of winter. It is a ghost town but the upside was that we have the place to ourselves, no lines and tons of parking next to the beach.

We drove through the night and checked-in around midnight. We are so tired that I didn't even have time to check out the lobby. Our room was nothing to write home about but at least it was one of best locations in town. This was the view from our porch. Don't let the sun and clear skies fool you.

It. is. cold!

This is the bridge that connects Ocean City from the mainland. It is a narrow island and if you drive through the main highway, you would see the body of water on each side. Now I understand its charm, only if I could enjoy this place in peak season.

This seem to be the main hub for Maryland's famous crab. An advantage on traveling on low season is that you avoid the crowds. It is great but still feels like a ghost town.

We dug on the restaurant specialties:

Crab Dip. It was on the salty side because of the cheese. Hubby really like this one.

Cream of crab. I love soups but this one is just the right touch.

Fish Sandwich.

After eating our late lunch, we decided to walk around the beach. We are not surprised to find a parking spot right in front. Other than a handful of crazy people (like us!) to venture on a cold beach in dead winter.

It is low tide but I could feel the strong waves this close.

These were the only ones open at the boardwalk: A gallery and candy store.

We love what we saw in Ocean City and vowed to come back in peak season. It is an easy drive from New Jersey but we took the scenic route of driving all the way to Cape May, New Jersey and took the car ferry to Lewes, Delaware. If we have so much fun here in winter, I expect to triple that in the summer.

See you soon Ocean City, Maryland!

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