Bonjour Paris: Day 6 (Last Day)

It is our last full day in Paris. We decided that this day should be a bit more relaxed and prepare for the long journey back home. It is also our last chance is getting souvenirs.

Our first stop was to pick up some sweets and chocolates.

Before going inside the store, I had intentions of only getting something basic that is good and easy to transport.  They all looked good. And I want to bring them all.

This should be easy to transport but it might be stale by the time I get home. So, I have moved on to other items that has a longer shelf life.

I got a selection of little piece of this and that.

And settle with a little snack before lunch.

The name it self look enticing.

I was impressed on the amount of chocolate (and detail) that went through the replica of the Notre Dame Cathedral. I assume it had to be kept on a certain temperature to keep it from melting.

Look at the intricate carving of the rose window and the detail on the buttresses. They even went through putting colors on the roof.

Then were off to lunch.

Then we went to see the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Unlike the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacred Heart Basilica is considered new construction. It was consecrated only in 1919 and had Byzantine style of architecture that diverts away from the French Gothic style.

While most of the tourist were sitting on the steps to enjoy the view of the city, we decided to walk around the back. We were surprised to see a small garden where the locals are enjoying quiet solitude away from the city.

I was listening from afar from this young musicians. They sounded good.

We end our day here and relax till sundown. We have an early flight scheduled next day. It will be a longer flight for me. To save on airfare, I decided to fly straight to Toronto and hop on a short flight back to New Jersey. It sounded good when booking my flight but it turned out to be a bad idea when I saw the line of passengers in Toronto. I was worried that I might miss my connecting flight. Lesson learned. I won't do that again.

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