Bonjour Paris: Day 5

After waking up refreshed and ready for a good bout of sightseeing. Our goal today is to visit as much of the iconic places and probably do some shopping.

First stop was the Eiffel Tower. It is my second time to visit the Eiffel Tower and it felt like I am seeing this place with fresh perspective. The first time was a night visit when we were on a Contiki tour. The bus dropped us close to the entrance. I didn't even recall how the area look like since it is dark and we were following the tour guide.

The tower had lights that dazzles in the dark night. I remember looking up the whole time on our way to the elevator. We didn't notice the lines to go up and was probably on a fast track since we are part of the tour group. Once were done, we head back straight to the bus.

This time we took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower stop. It was a clear day which is perfect for photography. Walking through the grounds you see a lot of tourists taking pictures. I noticed a lot of vendors selling items on makeshift stalls where they put out a blanket that can easily pick up once the police comes over.

There were long lines to get the tickets to go up the tower, it seems like it would have the same wait for the elevator. I wouldn't even dare to take the stairs. Maybe on a different time, I could take the elevator and maybe walk the rest of the 704 steps down.

Afterwards, we took the local bus and went on to go to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

There was a line to go inside the cathedral but at least it was moving. We can't stay long inside but one day I would like to sit in the mass (even if it is in French) and listen to the choir.

I always admired church architecture and I lean more on French Gothic style. They are massive, high and yet delicate. Inside when the light goes through the windows, it feels like you are inside a jewelry box. You could just imagine how much work done to built (and maintain) this cathedral.

Now, we beeline for Champs Elysees.

They were on a line to get inside the Abercrombie & Fitch. I passed on this one.

Instead, I lined up for this. I bought a couple of boxes to take home.

They look really pretty. And taste good as well.

We only have one more day left before we head home. It has been a long week. Tomorrow we plan to walk around Montmartre and the last chance to buy some souvenirs.

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