Incheon International Airport (ICN)

We have landed on Incheon International Airport in South Korea. It is 4 am and everything else is close including the subway to Seoul. The buses and subway doesn't start till 5 am so we decided to stretch our legs and walk around the airport before we drop our bags to the hotel. And as expected, we were greeted with all this cuteness.

The last time I visited Seoul was in 2011, PyeongChang just won their bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. It was a big deal, the news was all over Seoul at that time. It was hard to miss it. Seven years seem like forever at that time but now it is beginning to be a reality. I thought I won't be able to visit again but here I am back where I started. Starting to feel Seoul again and this time I had my husband to show it around.

On the second floor of the airport lounge was this glass walkway. There were some nice exhibits about the airport and Korean arts and culture. There was a coffee shop too but it was still closed.

There was this beautiful stage. I assume they have shows and festivals here. Too bad it was way too early to watch an event.

I am so fascinated with all the flight attendants that passes by. Earlier, there were a whole group of them standing and talking. They all look so put together (even after a long flight) and flawless. When they bid their adieu, the group with khaki jackets were bowing deeply to the group with blue green jackets. Apparently, you could tell the seniors (sunbaes) and juniors (hoobaes) right away. Loving this Confucian dynamics already.

It will be an interesting day ahead. Hotel check in is at 3pm. We still have a full day to spare and jetlag is kicking my ass big time.

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