Project Heal Manila

I was invited last weekend for a fundraiser called "Evening in Manila: Winter Edition", it was for the benefit of eKindling. They provide technology education with programs such as One Laptop per Child to communities in the Philippines.

It was a last minute invite but I was able to drag myself all the way to Brooklyn and met interesting and friendly folks at the fundraiser.

This is the XO computer that they provide on the One Laptop per Children program. I had heard about this computer years ago but this is the first time I have seen one up close. Originally designed for tough conditions, I was amazed that it had all the bells and whistles of a robust machine. It even had a web cam. I asked about charging it and supposedly there are 3 ways: first, you could crank it, second was solar powered and third, was the traditional power outlet. It was small enough to fit in my bag. You could even spill anything on the keyboard. Amazing. I wish this is available to the public because this is perfect for my little one who usually takes up my computer time. 

This was one of the walls on the Maharlika store. The Filipino beauty queens of the past. Apologies to both Miss Universe who had a full photo on either side but didn't make the cut.

Another great idea was the above the head projector that was showing an old, old Tagalog film from the Sampaguita Picture days. Things like these make me nostalgic. I remember watching those old films after I get home from school. It has old fashioned storytelling and yet very entertaining. They don't make these kind of movies anymore.

Another close up shot of the XO computer. Look at the wallpaper in the background. Do you recognize that actor Weng-weng? This wall from the ceiling to the floor is a collage of all old film posters were most of them I haven't even heard of. I love it!

Those were autographed Pacific Rims book from Rafe Batholomew. Each book had a handwritten individual trivia from the author. It was available for purchase from the Maharlika store.

Last call from the open bar. Punch drinks are distributed.

"Project Heal Manila is a global organization dedicated to supporting sustainable community-based projects designed to empower the youth of the Philippines. For millions with limited needs, inadequate support and resources make it nearly impossible for the future of our islands to reach their dreams and full potential. Through creative fundraising, we look to sponsor the noble efforts of charitable organizations that aid in areas of greatest need." 

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