Eataly Boston

We are big fans of Eataly New York. And since the mall is close to our hotel, we decided to stop by and maybe look around and get some gelato.

First impressions, it is a much smaller location than New York City since it is located inside the mall. It seems that it had a higher price point too based on the size ratio of the pastries.

I would like to get this apple cinnamon pastry but it was too pricey for its size. For that much, you would be able to get a whole cake for that price.

There were reasonable items to purchase like this fancy tagliatelle.

People seem relaxed and enjoying their food.

We decided to get some gelatos. They have a good selection and were pretty good.

Too bad there wasn't a place to sit. They have a huge table in the front but no chairs to sit on. There were mall benches but it was all taken.

Maybe next time we would stop by a little longer and enjoy a plate of pasta. I know it would be good.

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