Annual Halloween Parade 2008 - New York City

For the longest time, I have been avoiding any big events or parade in NYC. I always known that it can get chaotic, crowded and insane. I rather leave it up to the tourists that gather to these events. Now, that we have a baby, we are more selective on the places we go and having a date night would be more of long shot since we have to set up a baby sitter for the night.

It was all the news that this year's Halloween parade was still on good spirits since it lost most of its major corporate sponsors. People are worried that it will take out the lackluster from the previous years. Not to be deterred, the parade promoters promised a fun night to keep up with tradition.
We made a night out of it. After work, J picked me up and had quick dinner. We got there almost the time the parade starts to kick in. Since we were three rows down from the street, I was barely able to get a good view. Also, my camera is on manual mode, taking pictures at night in quick reflex was not my strong point.

This year's theme is ghost. It started with a couple glow in the dark masks held up on the stick and had a flowing cape. There was a marching band that plays the Phantom of the Opera theme and wearing Hogwart's uniform. My favorite was the group of people wearing the Richard Simmons costume. They even have a set choreography. I wish I was able to video it.
Here are some of my lucky shots:

After the parade, its fun to watch the crowd dressed along for the occasion. Some were wearing a more elaborate ensemble like this guy in an Alien suit. He was the crowd pleaser that night.
Next time, if time (or weather) permits, I'll try to get there at least an hour early. I am hoping for a better view.

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