Planning for Cancun

We decided to take the last minute trip to Cancun the weekend before the Christmas holidays. The trip was booked on Tuesday night and we are scheduled to leave Thursday at the crack of dawn. It leaves only Wednesday to fit in everything in between. A quick list of what we need to bring for the baby, formula, snacks and food.

The plan was to bring a medium size luggage to check in, a big duffel bag for hand carry that can fit in all our winter clothes and a diaper bag. It also helps that the weather in Cancun is a sunny 85 degrees during the day and a balmy 75 degrees at night. It's comforting that we don't need to pack any bulky clothes.

Our travel package includes a rental car. I recently checked most of the travel forums on Cancun. Almost everyone has a tip for driving in the area. All agreed one thing, not to travel at night. But majority of them advised that it would be convenient if you plan to visit the off site archaeological sites. I made sure that the hotel we are staying at had free parking.

On a quick glance on our itinerary for the trip, we both agreed to visit the archaeological sites, hit the beach and try the local cuisine. We only have 3 full days so we have to pick our activities wisely.

The next posts would be our experiences for the next couple of days.

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Lavender Honey said...

I miss the sun! I miss wearing summer dresses and tank tops! It's freezing here! Please enjoy all that Vitamin D from the sun for me ...