Foxploration X-men Set 2009

I haven't seen the recent X-men Origins movie but I could tell that it looks good. I just want to share some photos taken at the set of the previous X-men movies. You may be able to walk through the set in Foxploration in Rosarito Beach area in Mexico. It's an easy day trip if you are in San Diego. It's worth it!

We tried to open this but not working. We probably need Magneto.

These looks familiar sans Hugh Jackman.

This is an add on, Daniel Henney as Agent Zero, pictured here with Hugh Jackman. He came a long way from a South Korean newbie actor to become an international superstar. If you watch Hallyu dramas, check him out in My Name is Kim Sam Soon which by the way was bought out by NBC for an American remake. Interesting.

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