Key West, FL 2009

Our original plans for the Florida road trip was to drive all the way south of Florida keys up to Key West. At the last minute, I scrapped the plans to the Keys since it will take a 4 hour drive from Miami. It would be a bad idea to make this a day trip even with the assumption of driving not counting on traffic and pit stops. It is not enough time to enjoy Key West. But we did it anyway, we are here so might as well take the trip.

Our first stop was the Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo. We want to take the Glassbottom boat tour to check out the coral reefs. The trip usually take 2.5 hours on a state of the art catamaran with a glass bottom. During the tour, they would explain about Florida wildlife and how it relates to its corals.

The view from the glass bottom boat.

Once we head off further, we were able to see unique corals and some colorful fishes. I could only stare at the glass for short periods of time. The boat usually sways and I get the feeling of sea sickness. Good thing, they provide free mints.

These mangrove trees are common on sub-tropical Florida, it is an important part of the ecosystem that provides shelter for birds and fishes. It can withstand harsh winds which are common in Florida.

Afterwards, we head over to swim at Cannon Beach. Unlike the typical beach, it is a fresh water lake that is best for snorkling. Notice that it is not covered in sand but it all pebbles, you need footwear to waddle on, it hurts to walk on barefoot.

The view from the 7 mile long bridge.

Key West is a very small town. The town can be accessible by foot, most locals tow their bikes around. Our plan was to picnic at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and watch the sun set. The park closes at sun down so expect to get tow out by the park ranger 10 minutes before the sun actually sets.

If you are in Key West, check out the Cuban restaurant: El Siboney Restaurant. It was well recommended by the locals, it never failed our expectations.

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