Foods seen at NYC Japan Soul Food Festival 2010

The photos were taken around the end of summer. It was a festival of Japan's culinary specialties that had vendors exhibit foods using local and traditional dishes. Some of them are familiar, you might have ordered it from your favorite Japanese restaurant and some were interesting.

Here are photos taken from the street fair:

If you haven't tried Japanese curry, try it at least once.

Japanese pancake.

The first time I got a whiff of those seafood, it smelled heavenly.

It deserved a close up!

I still have to try those Tonton Pork. The line is sooo long.

Those Fish cake burger do look good. I wasn't able to try one.

This is the most interesting one, it is called nikumai onigiri. It was pork wrapped in rice balls with cheese on top. One piece is so time consuming to make, they have to heat each one with a blow torch to have the crunchy meat and melted cheese. This was a perfect streetfair food since you can easily eat standing up similar to a sandwich (but with rice!).

Green mochi.

More Pork BBQ.

This is the end of the Japanese street fair for the year till it starts again next year.

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Andrea said... of the main things I miss about living in NYC are all of these great street fairs they have. I love Japanese food so this one looks especially appealing. Thanks for making me feel like I was there!